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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / YOU BELONG TO ME


By  Aya Paredes

“Oh great! Nice  trying  to show everyone what a complete dork you are, Nicole!  Nicole half-cursed herself as she picked up her books.  She accidentally slipped and dropped all of her books.  Nicole was a freshman in a university  wherein everyone  seemed to know each other except for her. She’s complete nobody. Not even her seatmates can remember her name. Rico, the cute jock who sits beside her in history class called her  Nina three times!

She was so upset. Her term paper was  all over the  place and  no one bothered  to help her.  Someone even stepped on her papers without even apologizing. She was  so humiliated.  Then suddenly, the bell rang.  Everybody was in a hurry to get into their  respective classes. She was kneeling on the dirty ground trying to grab her things in  a hurry when an extended arm took some of her papers and handed them to her. She  slowly looked up and  she saw him.

He helped Nicole stand up after  picking  up all  her things. Nicole was glad  someone helped her.  Now seeing him up close, something made her heart skip a  beat. He was a total cutie! He was wearing the varsity jacket, which probably meant he was  A member of the university’s basketball team.  He had a  wide warm smile. A dashing  mestizo!

“Hi, I’m Bryan.” It took a while before Nicole finally was  able to  extend  her arm  for a handshake. The grip was firm yet cold. He was probably in a hurry, Nicole told  herself

“You’re  new here, right?” Bryan asked.  “Umm, is it  that obvious?” Nicole asked, her face was all red.

“Well, I know  everyone  here, or at least I’m familiar with most of their faces. I  haven’t seen you before so that must mean you’re new here,” Bryan explained. “Umm, nice meeting you and thank you for helping me. But I have to go now,  Im gonna be late for my next class. I guess you have to be in your next class as well.” “Oh yeah, right. Nice meeting you, Nicole.” Then Bryan went straight for the  stairs in a hurry. Nicole was dumbfounded. She didn’t  remember telling her  name.  Maybe he saw my name in one of my books.  Nicole  shrugged  and went  on to her  next class. She can’t keep Bryan out of her mind though.

For the next two weeks, Nicole would see  Bryan  in the most unexpected  times. Whenever she’s in a damsel-in-distress situation, Bryan seemed  to appear every time to help her.  The last time, Nicole went home late  from a group rehearsal.  She was afraid  to wait for the jeepney by herself  because it was alreadydark. She was  surprised  to see Bryan coming up  to her out of nowhere and he accompanied her until finally a ride home came.

Weeks passed and Nicole  suddenly couldn’t  find Bryan anymore. She was curious  as to what happened to him.  She asked  around if anyone knows him, but surprisingly,  not evena varsity player classmate was familiar with Bryan.That’s strange. Bryan was wearing  that varisty jacket all the time, he must  a player. Maybe Bryan’s not his real name, Nicole was telling herself. She remembered the number 12 printed on Bryan’s jacket.

Nicole decided to go straight to the Athletics  office and ask the coach herself.  She’s more determined to find her only friend. “Who are you looking for again?” the coach asked Nicole “Bryan. I don’t  know his last name, but I know that  he wears the jersey  number  12.” Nicole  told the coach.  For some reason, the coach became half angry and cold. “Miss Cruz , is this  some kind of a joke? You see, you’re not being funny. I can send you to  detention  for this!”

“What’s  No, Sir! Why would I joke about Bryan? I’m only asking about him. I  haven’t seem him in a while, I was just worried,” Nicole  explained  to the coach . Then the  coach stood up  and reached  for something on the upper shelves. It  looked like an old photo album. He dropped it on the table  sending dust to  Nicole’s face. The poor girl  coughed, expecting an apology from the coach through it never happened.The coach flipped into the old photographs, stopping on one page, then showed it to Nicole”  Is he the Bryan you are looking for?  Nicole immediately recognized the mestizo face, the warm smile. “Yes! That’s  him.  That’s Bryan!”

“Are you nuts, Miss Cruz? That’s Bryan Hernandez. Star player and team captain of our varsity team in 1996. He died later that year  on the school grounds. Some  fraternity leader stabbed him to death because of a girl they both fell in love with.  Bryan Hernandez has been dead for a decade. How could  you have met him just weeks ago?” the coach’s voice  grew darker sending shivers to Nicole’s spine. The coach might think  she’s a nuisance prankster.

But she  can’t believe  what the coach had said.  Bryan can’t be dead! It’s impossible! She was still in shock as she read the accompanying school  article  about  bringing justice to Bryan Hernandez’s untimely death.  The killer was caught  and was sent to  prison the next year  so it’s already  a closed book.  The school and its faculty apparently  moved on. This story was confirmed by another faculty member `whom  Nicole asked.  She was in shock. She left school  early that day and headed home  in hopes that she was just dreaming.

She went straight to her room on the second floor, said a week “Hi” to her mom. She said she had a bad headache and want to rest in her room. She cried about  the incident.  She felt  pity for  Bryan. How could a nice guy like him die in such a horrible way.  Was he just a ghost?  She fell asleep crying. She must have fallen asleep for  a long time. When she  opened her eyes, it was  already dark.  Must be 7 or 8 p.m. She thought. She felt the cold breeze of the  night.

She looked up to  check if her windows were closed.  They were. Then she sensed  that someone was with her inside the room.  Nicole sat up  on her bed. She  was a dark  shadow lurking  beside her cabinet.”Norman! Stop  playing  inside my room  and get out,” she called out thinking that her  brother yet again invaded  her room.  The shadow didn’t answer back Nicole got  scared .The shadow was way  too tall for her small brother. “Who are you?” Nicole bravely asked. “Show yourself!”

The walked slowly  from behind the darkness  of her cabinet , it walked  up to her windows . The light outside illuminated the intruder. It was Bryan!

Nicole freaked  out. She was  about to scream but Bryan motioned her not to. Nicole  broke into tears. “You lied to me, you never told me about what happened to you.  Why are you here? Don’t bother me anymore!” Nicole told  the ghost of Bryan.  Bryan’s angelic face started to decompose to Nicole’s horror. It smiled  and said, “You belong to me!” Then with its feet not touching the ground, it went straight to  Nicole trying to grab her.

Nicole ran for the doors and screamed for help.  Her folks had  a hard time trying to calm her down.   The next  day,  Nicole’s  family brought  a priest and held a mass  for bryan’s soul to be at peace. Nicole started to have more and more friends. Sometimes she missed Bryan’s company when she’s alone. He was real sweetheart, Nicole’s dreamboy. Just  as long as he’s not dead enough.

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