By: Maricar Sugayan

This happened in Women’s Dorm in UPLB, where I resided during my undergrad years, from the late 70s to early 80s. The story was told to me by my freshman roommate then in Unit 3. Unit 3 was the place where they put all freshmen together.

Anyway, as told by my roommate Josephine (a.k.a. Jo), she went to the CR at an ungodly hour at past midnight to pee. (Because it happened a long time ago, I forgot already around what time the incident happened, but it must have happened anywhere from past 1 a.m. to dawn.)

She did not notice anything unusual when she went in. As it was way past bedtime, it seemed that she had the whole CR to herself. All of us her roommates were fast asleep.

As told to me, a few minutes after she went in, she heard the sound of a clack, clack, clack of wooden shoes which stopped in front of her cubicle. (If you stayed at Women’s Dorm in LB, you would know that one is required to wear the “bakya” upon entering the CR. I suppose this was to preserve the cleanliness of the CR.)

Jo was quite puzzled why somebody would have to fall in line in front of her cubicle when there were at least 2 more vacant cubicles on her side of the CR, aside from 3 other toilets on the other side, all inside the same CR.

Hence, she managed to finish her thing pronto. Imagine her shock when upon opening the door to her cubicle, there was no person there. Instead, all that remained was …. a pair of wooden shoes!


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