What Had he left Behind?

When I was child, my grandfather John Collson lived  with us  in our  home in Erin, New York. He was bedridden  and finally died in  the spring of 1949. During his lengthy illness he used to holler “Hello!”

Whenever he wanted anything. As his condition became worse, the frequency of his  calls increased and whoever was nearby would try to tend to his needs.

After he died we continued to hear his  voice  and his  familiar call of “Hello!” Everyone in the house heard it. We  searched  the house many times to find any unusual sound that might be misinterpreted as his voice- but we  found nothing.

My mother insisted  that it was  a trick of memory but we children were convinced it was  Grandfather’s ghost.  The climax came Christmas Eve 1949, when the adults  all were out of the  house.  My cousin, my brother and sister, our dog, and I were home alone.

Our German shepherd was a bit too friendly to excel as a watchdog  but nevertheless she always raised an alarm if strangers were near the  house at night.

We all heard the first noise from Grandfather’s  room. The dog bristled, then whined as she  took refuge behind  the  davenport. Her unusual behavior scared us more than the original noise.  It sounded as if someone were searching  frantically through the room.

Drawers banged and the  closet door slammed-then silence. The dog crawled from  her hiding place and four terrified  youngsters began to    relax and search for an  explanation. We checked the room and found nothing out of place. The only window was closed and  locked from the inside.

that was the last manifested of any king from Grandfather’s room. Never again did we hear his voice.

We don’t  know what caused the disturbance but the four  of us like to believe that  Grandfather found what he was  looking for and now had no more reason to return.

J.M. Swan

Pine Valley, New York

 September 1967

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