By: Jai Dee

It’s been a long time since i last posted sa group. Just want to share what’s going on sa bahay na tinitirhan ng family ko sa forestry. My husband and i saka our son is no longer living there but we visit every sunday kasi my parents and other sibling still reside there.

2nd or 3rd week ng march, i lost my wallet sa bahay and we did not find it. We looked everywhere pati ilalim ng mga furniture pero wala parin. Just this sunday we visited again, and night time na kami nakauwi. We were riding the motorcycle when my husband and i smelled something like a perfume o flower.

I kept looking at our shadow kasi i felt na may nadaanan kami. We never talk about it at home. Around 7 or 8 pm may sister pmed me and told me na she found my wallet under the mirror. I felt happy and jokingly said that maybe our son played with it.

But bigla kong naalala how can it be possible? i checked it before (in broad daylight) pero wala akong nakitang wallet or what. After a few minutes my sister pmed me again with a bad news na our friend’s sister in law died due to a complication na nakuha niya when she was pregnant. That’s when it hit me. The smell and my wallet resurfacing. It was her.


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