Visiting Grandparents

My ex-husband was a violent bully during our marriage,  and after one particularly heavy beating, I crawled back to  bed and  just lay there. I knew that if my three-year-old son wakened from his  afternoon sleep,  I would  not be  able to go to him.

I was past crying  and just asked Spirit, and my departed father, for help. Suddenly, very gently, someone sat  on the  bed,  stroked my head, and held me in unseen arms. I fell asleep and awakened about five hours later, feeling a lot  better.

I heard my son laughing, and went  to him. As I entered the sitting room, he was  waving goodbye to someone.Looking  around I saw that not only  had he been entertained, but he  had  also been given snacks. He had  obviously had a great afternoon.

Somehow I knew I did not have  to worry.  I asked him who had  been there, and he pointed to a  photo of my parents- Gran- and Grandpa had spent the afternoon with him, he said. They were always  there for me when they  were alive, and  I know they are still there for us.

Pat Kennedy

 Glasgow, Scotland

September 2000

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