“Threading It Backwards”

When my mother, Consiglia Ciavarella, died in March 1964 in Chicago, my dad gave each  of us children something from  her belongings. Since my sister, Lillian Di Natale,  was the Seamstress,  Dad gave her Mom’s old  Singer sewing  machine.

On a quiet  spring afternoon two months after Mom’s  death Lil opened the sewing machine- in her home in  Cicero, Illinois- and began to  do some  sewing. But each  time she started the thread would break.

After this was  repeated  several times Lil sat back and said  out loud, “Dear Mother, why is this  happening? I’ve used  the machine so  many times in your home, but now that I’m using  it in my  house it won’t  work. Why?”

Then like  a bolt of lightning a voice from down  the hall  behind  her spoke  clearly and loudly in Italian  (which Mom used  most of the time). Lil heard Mom’s voice say,  “You’re threading  it backwards.”

Not thinking at that instant, Lil replied out loud, “Why, you’re right. Thanks.” Suddenly she realized it was  our  mother’s  voice and quickly made the sign of the cross. Lil never mentioned her experience in the occult  and wouldn’t  dismiss the voice as her  imagination. Lil never has had  any  problem with the  sewing machine since then.

Jeana Whitehouse

Virginia Beach,  Virginia

July 1976

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