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 By: Andrew de Los Reyes

based on ” Girl  in the library” sent  by Martin Musones

Our School has a wonderful library. My friends and I  would spend a lot of our time there and browse through the good selection  of books, especially about the ones  about Sciences. I wanted to be a scientist  one day.  Science is cool in my opinion. The library has four air conditioners  that keep the books and students cool.  There are also  electric fans  mounted on several pillars, in case one of the aircons  conk out or if it’s  just too hot.

That day, all four air cons were operating  but the fans were turned on.  The air cons were having a hard time keeping the library at a cool temperature, what with the  tremendous  heat outside.

And so  that was there  we were when the unexpected happened. Kenny,  Michael, and I were in the library, enjoying  the cool air and catching up on our reading. Of course  I had a science book open in  front of me, while  Michael managed to doze off on the table ( I don’t  know how he does it,  but he can sleep anywhere  and in any position). ” Why did it get suddenly so cold in  here?” Kenny asked me  as he sat down beside me.

“Maybe the weather outside has gotten  cooler,” I suggested.

Kenny got up and looked  out the window. He came back and said, ” Not a cloud  in sight. And it’s really hot  outside; you can see a haze in the air when you look at the  ground, like the heat was coming up  out of it.”

“Maybe we should tell the librarian to raise  the thermostat?  Or at least turn off  the electric fan?” I said.  I looked around.  seeing the librarian stamping  books at her desk.

“Eh,” said Kenny. ” I don’t  mind the cool.” He  nervously looked around.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“oh, nothing, ” Kenny said. “Um,  would you go with me to the Filipina section? I have to look  for a  book there”

“Can’t you do it yourself? I’m reading  this interesting chapter on robotics.” “Er, okay, I’ll wait until  you’re done.”

“Why? Are you scared to go there alone?” I teased, chucking.

When I saw that Kenny did not react, I look at him nervously. chuckling.

When I saw  that Kenny did not react, I looked at him seriously. “You are, aren’t you? Come on,  what’s going on?”

Kenny looked around nervously. I could see that his  hands were trembling  ” I saw  a little girl  there once.”

” That’s impossible we’re in all boys school.  It could have  been one of the  teacher’s kids, you know,” I said.

“I know  what I saw. It was a girl. She was in a yellow dress and she had a headband with a floral design. I was about to ignore her when I noticed that her  face was  dripping with blood and that her  were bulging.”


” And then what happened?” I looked  around then,  as I heard the librarian turn  off the  electric fans.  She must have noticed that it was  getting cold,  too.

“Nothing. I sat there, unable to  move. She just looked at me. We seemed to be  staring   at each other for 30 minutes, think, It was only when she disappeared that I was  able to move, I quickly packed my things and left,” said Kenny. He was visibly shaken by his story. I felt  a chill run down my spine,  and it wasn’t  from the  cold.  “So  why do  you want to go back  there?”

” It’s not like  I want to,  you know? But there’s a book  on Philippines  Legends  that I saw  there that I’ll need for Mrs. Chua’s  class. Remember our assignments?”

“Oh yeah, that one, ” I said. I had  completely forgotten  that we had to report on  one local legend. “Come on, I’ll  accompany you. I’ll  need to use that book too,  right?”

I stood and made my way to the Filipiniana section. Kenny followed. We decided  not to  disturb Michael.  As we neared the Filipiniana area, I noticed that Kenny was  walking closer to me. There were times he’d even bump into me.  Now I didn’t  believe in  the supernatural.  I intend  to be a scientist and I believe  that until  something can be  scientifically  proven, It’s not real. Ghost aren’t real. I chuckled  at Kenny’s  nervousness.

Upon reaching the Filipiniana section,  Kenny immediately looked  for the book  on local legends. I glanced down  the aisles, checking to see if the young girl Kenny saw  was there. She wasn’t  I smiled  to myself, confident that Kenny was just seeing things.  But I did notice that it was colder here than  the rest of the library.

“It’s  here somewhere, I know I saw it, ” Kenny muttered under  his breath. I spotted  movement out of the corner of my eye. I glanced to my left and I saw  someone ( or something) move behind the shelves. Was it my imagination ?  Was there  something there? I had to know. I walked between the shelves. Just before I rounded the corner, I held my breath. I quickly poked  my head  past the  shelves  and quickly looked in both directions.

There was no one there. But on the floor, right beside me, was the book on  local legends Kenny was looking for. As soon as  I picked  up the book , I heard a scream. It was Kenny. I quickly rushed back to where I had left him. I saw that his  back was  to me, and he was intently  looking at something  in front of him. I looked  past him  and I saw a young girl standing there and looking at us.  She was  in a yellow dress and a headband with a floral design on it.  Her face was bleeding her eyes bulging. She was exactly  as Kenny  had  described.

Kenny’s  scream  brought the librarian and the  other students  rushing to the Filipiana section. I heard  a collective  gasp as soon as they arrived. They also saw the  young girl in front  of us.

It took  a split  second before  everyone started  screaming. It was like  the brain  had to process what it  was seeing, that it was  seeing  something  that should not be  there. Then the  girl disappeared. Everyone started  moving,  running  towards  the  exit.  That afternoon, prayers were offered to the girl in the library.  She hasn’t  been  seen ever since.

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