The Shining Form

In 1962 my father Glenn Henderson died of  leukemia  in a small hospital in Pecos, Texas. In his  last hours of life my mother and I reassured  him of our love.  While in a coma,  he had been calling  my mother’s name for over three hours.

When he fell silent  and the  doctor  pronounced him dead, it was almost a relief. The  doctor was accompanied by a nurse and an assistant. Father’s bed  had been raised to a sitting position so that  he could  breathe more easily. The  nurse later returned the bed  to the  prone position.

I told  her that I had heard music the entire  time. She  assured me that no music was playing at that hour,  which  was shortly  after three o’clock in the morning. My mother slumped into my arms  as we  sat on  a settee nearby. Suddenly the nurse said to the doctor,” Do you see it?”

We looked  up and  saw a small figure,  above  my father’s  prone body,  shining as though wrapped in silver foil. It was  in a sitting position, with knees bent and arms  outstretched.  It was  joined  to my father’s body by a silver cord.

We could see the window across from the  bed  through the  rising form.  All  was gone in less than a minute.

While not a religious man,  my father was a spiritual one,  Of course, what mother and I saw could be explained as an  illusion due to our emotional states, but a doctor and two  nurses are witnessed the event.

They certainly were removed  from this happening  emotionally, having been in  contact with my  father for less than twenty-four hours,  The nurse later said it was the second time she had witnessed such an event. It has been a great comfort to Mother and me through all the following years .

The experience confirmed  our belief  that we live on after death. My father was a strong and loving man who would give us proof  of that if he could.

Robert C. Henderson

Land O’Lakes, Florida

March 1989

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