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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / THE PREGNANT WOMAN IN A JEEP


By: Sharron Navera


If there are ghost ships and ghost cars, there are also ghosts communicating with us every single day.

A friend of mine was living in Pamplona, Las pinas City. I was on  my way to visit his ailing mom.  To get there, I had to take  the  Alabang-Zapote Road.  At around three  in the Afternoon, being a Sunday, only a few of people were communicating in the area.  I was alone at the back of the jeep.  I noticed  a dent on the seat near the door.    I knew then that someone was riding with me.   Trying to ignore the dent on the seat, I looked at the road instead.  At the corner of my eye, I saw her image. She was pregnant. She was in  deep pain,  holding the base of her huge stomach. I looked directly at her,  she was a full -image apparition. Almost transparent but her emotions were very evident. The ghost was asking me  to point her to the nearest  hospital. I replied,  almost whispering, “It’s about three miles away.”

Her blood was trickling to the floor. She was  wearing a pink sleeveless  dress with white ribbons on the chest. The ribbon were already soaked with sweat and tears. Her skin was fair but very pale. Her age was about 25-27  and about  five-foot tall . She was slightly thin for her age.  Her eyes had very deep dark circles.

I tried to ask her what happened. She gave me a vision. It was  the 3rd of October, at eleven in the morning, she just  got back from the market, preparing lunch for her two boys- a nine-year-old and toddler. On her  6th month of prenancy, her stomach was really  very  huge. As she walked to the  kitchen, she suddenly  felt a sharp pain on  her lower back.  Trying to ignore the pain, she struggled to do her chore.  Then another contraction occurred. She started to bleed.   She called out to the neighbors, a  couple came to her aid.  Since there were no cellphones that time,  they had no way  of calling for an  ambulance or even  her husband. The male neigbor asked his wife  to accompany her to the hospital; he would  stay behind  with the kids  and wait for the husband to arrive.  Her husband was a bank teller in an old rural bank.   The woman neighbor and the  pregnant  woman hailed a jeep- the same jeep that I got on that afternoon. Unfortunately,  the pregnant woman did not reach the hospital.  She died at the back of the jeep.   Well, that is  the problem. Since  she did not  reach the hospital,  she  does not  know how to get there. I asked her  what she wanted  me to do.   She told me  that she just wanted to reach her  destination to see if her  unborn child made it through. As we neared the hospital,  her bleeding  stopped.  I saw some kind of relief on her face.  The situation presented me with a  huge problem.  How could I stop  the jeep in front  of the hospital without me getting out? She noticed  my worried face, and just tried to smile, as if begging me to just do it.   The jeep slowed down at the hospital to pick up some passengers.  I let the ghost alight first. I went in the hospital and asked for the delivery room.  The guard pointed towards the end of the hall. We both entered the delivery room she said she would stay there until  she was sure  if her baby was okay.  I promised  to return the next day to see if her child lived. That Monday,  I immediately went to the hospital at 12 noon,  the  estimated time that she was admitted. I looked for her  in the delivery room. She was sitting on a bed with another recently dead woman.  She waved at me. I asked her if she  found the doctor that diagnosed her the  day she  was brought in.  She said she would search the whole hospital for the doctor.  I waited. A number of ghosts wanted my attention by then.  I felt great fear that I may not have the time to attend to all of them.   The woman returned and said that her doctor was in a room in the  clinic area. She pointed a name on the door. I went in and pretended  that I was a new patient.   The lady doctor was very accommodating. She asked me  who  referred me to her.  I was silent.  The ghost realized that I was in trouble,  she whispered, “Jennifer  Cruz” (not the real name she whispered to me.) I have to protect her identity). I told the  doctor  that the mother of Jennifer referred me to  her.  The doctor looked up in surprise.  She said that Jennifer Cruz  was a patient who was  pronounced DOA (dead on arrival). Her baby  was  barely alive.  I asked for the gender of the baby.   The doctor got up  and asked her  secretary to look for the records of Ms Andres.  She read  the files  and told me  that Jennifer died of a cardiac arrest.  The baby was very heavy for her small frame. That’s what made her  pregnancy hard.  The patient did not have regular medical checkups  since  she thought there was no need  for such.  Her two previous pregnancies went without a hitch and that she gave birth at home with the help  of a midwife.

After a while,  the secretary handed a  folder  to the doctor.  She said  that the baby was alive and  well by the  time she was discharged. I said my thanks to the doctor. As I left the clinic, Jennifer’s face began to  change.  She became happier and more at peace. She thanked me and promised if I needed help,  I just had to call her name. Finally she found her way.  Then she disappeared.

I immediately left the hospital and vowed never to  go back there.

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