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By: Gene-no  Dig


It was an ordinary Friday for me.  I woke up at  6:30 in the morning for my one and  only class would  start at 8:30. I ate breakfast, brushed  my teeth, took a bath, and by 7:30 I was ready to go to UP. Before I left my room, I did my last routine- kissing my girlfriend Jo. I mean I  kissed her picture; we were  not living together yet. There was really nothing  unusual  at the  start of the  day until the  picture frame I was holding slipped from the  right hand and fell on  the floor.  As it hit the floor, I saw a  distorted  image of Jo as the picture frame’s glass was broken into pieces.  I picked  the photo and placed  it on top of my  study table,  at the right side of my bed, while I threw the broken glass  and the  picture frame into the trash can.  After that incident, I sensed a melancholic ambiance. I sat at the  edge  of my bed to pacify the feeling before going to class.

Jo kept on lingering  in my mind as I was  attacked  by a gloomy  feeling. I could not help but allow my imagination  to function  indefatigably.  Suddenly, my mind yielded a  lifeless body of my girlfriend recovered  from her car, the car was  hit by a ten-wheeler truck. I tried to shake off  that  scenario in my mind  although I knew  the possibility because Jo was  probably on her  way to our house to spend the rest of the day with me.  I did not  succeed. The image continued haunting me. I despised  myself  for coming  up with a morbid scenario  that involved  Jo. I even punched  my  head to stop  any morbid  image that it might  conjure up again. I failed. I continued  thinking  of gruesome  situations  that showed Jo’s death-from a car accident  to kidnapping to rape to  suicide. I was  breathing heavily when I heard knocks on my door. I  stood up and  opened it.  A cold  wind entered the room as I opened the door.  The wind was soothing, as  if caressing  my face and my body. I stood there for a  few seconds  to enjoy the comforting wind.  When I realized no one was really  there, I closed the door assuming that it was my Tita who  knocked on  the door reminding me of the time. I was too sad that I did not want to  attend my class anymore.  All I wanted  then was  to be with Jo.  I started feeling weary which was unusual since I didn’t do anything  tiring.  I started to walk back to my bed when I saw Jo, standing a few  steps in front of me.  I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me but  realized they were not when I saw Jo smile and heard her voice.  “Hi!” Jo was  flashing  her sweetest smile. “Hey!”  What are you doing here? I haven’t left the  house yet. You are  supposed to come here at 12 right?  And who gave you the permission  to enter my room?” I said teasingly. I dislike  mushy moments but at that  very  juncture, I was in the mood to hear maudlin statements from my  girlfriend after imagining her gloomy end.   “I want to spend  the rest of the day with you,  the rest of my life with you,” she replied instead of answering  all my queries. But that was  enough- enough to make my heart melt and make up for the  somber  feeling I felt. “Oh, that’s so  sweet.”

“I Love you.” “I love you too babe.”  I blinked my eyes to determine if I was really seeing Jo. After doing

So, Jo wasn’t  in front of me anymore. She disappeared like that. I went to the comfort room to find her but she wasn’t there.  I looked for her under my bed but did not see her there. All I saw was her photo  under my bed.  I thought I put it on top of my study table. The wind might have blow it away.  I said to myself while picking it up. I looked at it steadily.  Was I just  imagining again? Did I really see her or hear her voice? Was  the conversation real?

I knew I saw her. But was she really the one I saw? I didn’t see her face visibly. I couldn’t remember what she was wearing. All I knew is that I saw her I thought it was Jo.  While I was busily opened it for I was expecting Jo.  It was my Tita. She looked depressed and was near to tears. Then  she embraced me, saying that Jo was in coma after being hit by a car on her way to our house. Jo  wasn’t  dead yet but in a critical condition.  I and my Tita hurriedly went to the hospital where Jo was confined.  Unfortunately,  when we reach the hospital, Jo had already passed  away. In fact, even prior to our arrival, Jo,s body had been  delivered to  the morgue.

I was confronted with sadness,  the feeling   of bereavement  suddenly  sank in.  I would never saw Jo again. I would never hear her voice, feel her  lips, and experience her love. I would miss her terribly. The consolation though was that Jo  visited  me before she left.

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