The Phoning Nun

On December 1 of  each year, I begin to write  my Christmas cards. On December 1,1998, I paged  through my Christmas data book,  checking the list  of who sent a card the year before. On the  last page is the name of the  nun who  taught me in commercial class.

After graduation I kept in touch with her, and every year I mailed  her a card with a  ten-dollar bill. Sister Rita  had been sent to a home  for retired nuns,  but  I managed to  visit her often.  Every letter she sent urged  me forward in  my work. She was my  inspiration, and I loved  her and  looked  for her  guidance.

Sister Rita  came to me in a dream last year to let me  know she was going to heaven. It was  strange to see her rising up into the heavens on an elevator. Right after the  dream, I received a phone call that she had  passed  away on February 24, 1998.

Now, as I cherished her memory, I felt very sad, wishing I could  still mail her  a Christmas  card or make contact.  I was alone when the  telephone  rang at exactly 8:00 P.M. I answered with a  “Hello”  and the most beautiful voice responded, “Hello” Immediately I was  aware that the voice  belonged  to someone  I loved. The voice was soft  and musical and  asked, “Lillian?”

“Speaking, “I answered.

“How are you?”

“Fine,”  I answered, trying  to identify the voice. “What  are you doing?”

“Writing Christmas cards,” I said, and  following  that I  asked, “And to whom am I  speaking?”

The voice lovingly responded, “This is Sister Rita from  the Franciscan Order.”

Now there was a lull-no dial tone, just stone silence, I  held the Phone in mid-air for several minutes, stunned. I  hung up,  shaking in disbelief.

Still in shock, I went to my  Christmas data book and  marked  an X in the space reserved for incoming cards-in  the “received” column next to Sister’s name.  Yes,  Sister sent me a most beautiful greeting  with that  call. I feel certain that call came from heaven, for I’m sure  that is where she is.

Lillian E. Burton

River Grove, Illinois

 June 1999

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