The Little Girl

By:  Rei Buesing

A college student of a well-known university was coming home late at night  to finish  off a project to be submitted the next day. On her  way out of the campus, she  felt a sudden urge to go to the ladies’ room. So she  looked for  the nearest restroom and  luckily she found one at the oldest building  in that said campus.

Upon entering  the restroom,  she saw a little girl about 6 years old,  wearing  a little blue  old-fashioned  dress with long hair and  a very angelic face. She was washing her hands at the sink. There was nothing unusual about little girl; however, the  fact that the  university doesn’t  have a grade school  department mystified  her a bit.

She  was also  wondering why that girl was still inside the campus since it was already late at night.  “Hi! Why are you here, kid?  It’s almost  11 p.m. You should  be at home  now…

“Ay! po.. I am still  waiting for my father who works here as a janitor.  I just had dinner that’s why I am washing my hands here…  ” said the little very politely.  “Oh I see.  You wait  for me. Okey?” the college student said then  entered one of  the cubicles there.

The little girl just smiled and nodded. When the college girl was doing her business, she heard the little girl come in the toilet next to her. For some reason,  she looked  down to check on the little girl.

Everything seemed pretty normal and the girl was just doing her own business in the toilet. When the college student was finished,  she suddenly felt uneasy as if someone was looking at her. She looked up and saw next made her scream and slip.

She saw the girls head staring madly at her with blood-filled eyes and blood all over her  face! What happened next made her  stand up  and run because  the headless little girl  said, “Ate, are you done already?”

The college girl run out of the restroom screaming  her head off.

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