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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / THE LEFT-HANDED


By: Gene-no Dig

It was past 11 in the evening  when Gracey arrived in her dorm.  All of her three roommates weres still up-Mary Ann and Leslie were  chatting in the lower deck of one of the two double-decker beds while  Mary Grace was busily reviewing her lesson for her last exam the next  day. Gracey just came  back from a dinner with her high school friends  to celebrate one of her friends’ birthday. She had her last exam earlier  that day.  Gracey,  who just moved in the room recently, went directly to the  lower deck of the double-decker bed to rest after changing her clothes.  She had a very hectic schedule earlier that she direly needed to rest  her weary body.  Unfortunately,  Mary Anne and Leslie, the one-month old occupants of the room, would  not allow her to sleep unless Gracey would do some fortune telling with playing cards. It has become a  nightly ritual for the roommates. Because the two were adamant, Gracey gave in  and summoned her psychic powers to work.

After listening to their fate for the coming day,  Mary Anne and Leslie  spared Gracey and hoped in their beds to finally sleep, informed her roommates that she would still  use the light while  reviewing because her lamp wasn’t  working.  Her three roommates didn’t mind. They were  tired and a lit room is  the least of their worries.  Just a few minutes  after Gracey closed her eyes, she fell asleep  Unfortunately,  more than two hours after, she stirred from her sleep.  It was ironic  that she woke up since  she was very tired.  Nevertheless,  Gracey managed to look around the room to know if  any of her  roommates might have woke her up. Gracey is a heavy sleeper and only  a really loud and intentional distraction could wake her up.  And if she’s tired, walking her up could be a challenge. With the light still on, she saw Leslie comfortably sleeping on  the lower deck of the bed. She also heard Mary Ann snoring on the upper deck while Mary Grace was still sitting on the chair and writing  something on her notebook. She checked the time from her  phone 1:30 a.m.  Gracey then changed  her sleeping position to seek more comfort  so that she would not be awaken again  for no reason. She then closed her  eyes and  started to dream.

The next day, Gracey informed  Leslie and Mary Ann about Mary Grace’s predicted topping the latter’s exam for reviewing until 1:30 am. When Mary Grace arrived at their room after the exam,  the three  joked that Mary Grace should take them out for dinner in celebration of her  anticipated high score in her exam.

“I assume you got a perfect score in your exam! What a diligent  student you are. It was past 1 in the morning and you were still reviewing . What time did you sleep?” Gracey greeted Mary Grace.  “Past 1? I slept  a few minutes after 12! The exam, by the way, was easy.” Mary Grace replied. “Yeah, right! I woke up at 1:30 and you are still studying. I even saw you writing, perhaps solving some problems?”

“No,  honestly, I slept a few minutes after 12. Wait,  which hand did  I use?  The left or the right hand?” Mary Grace knew that something  supernatural happened. She, herself, had ghostly encounters in their  room. She  thought it was a sort of baptism of fire for Gracey because  she was the newest occupant of the room. “The  right hand.  I even saw your left hand fixing  your hair,” Gracey was certain.

“Gracey, I’m left-handed, ” Mary Grace whispered.

“Dang! How can I forget that? So who was that?!”

Mary Grace didn’t know the answer. What she was sure  of was  that she  wasn’t the one whom Gracey saw. It was the kind of question Mary Grace has been asking herself since she moved to that room.  It  was not the first time Mary Grace enountered such a story. Her former roommates told her of the odd atmosphere of the room.  Their room,  her roommates said, has a negative vibration. True enough, there were unusual incidents that happened before- from seeing the back of  a  woman in white in their bathroom to feeling the presence of someone  when alone  in their room to having goose bumps when opening thei  cabinet.  Later that day,  Gracey asked their landlady about the strange incident.  The landlady didn’t know the exact answer but didn’t  deny  thought that the room was a bit peculiar. She even added that all of the  borders who stayed in Gracey’s room had complaints about seemingly  supernatural happenings. She herself could not explain why such  incidents occurred. Gracey and her roommates stayed in the room for another semester before they graduated. During  their stay, the four of them still encountered  strange happenings but eventually got used to them.  Luckily,  they all graduated  from college and left the eerie room after graduation.

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