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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / THE LADY IN THE BLACK DRESS


By:  Liza A. Carlos

Two  months ago, my friend,  Madel,  invited me to go to  their  house in  Sto. Nino Meycauayan,  Bulacan. My boyfriend and I felt Manila at seven o’clock  in the evening. It look  us two  hours to reach our destination.  I met Madel when I was still working at this  car dealership in Caloocan. She’s married with three wonderful kids.

When we arrived , Gwen,  another friend of ours, and her hubby were already there.   When we  entered their house, I noticed my boyfriend  was looking  all around  the house like  he was checking  every detail  of it.  My boyfriend is some kind  of  clairvoyant but he didn’t  want to develop  that gift or curse for fear  that he would meet  paranormal  beings.

I asked  him why  he was looking  around but he seemed  not to hear me. He just  kept  on looking all around like  he was in  another world. My friend looked  quizzically  at me  and asked  me what was wrong  with  my  boyfriend. I tapped  him on  the back  and he  looked at me like  he had just been wakened from a deep  sleep.   I asked  him again  what was  wrong  and he just stared  at me.  He was beginning to annoy me because it was so  unlike him to be  so serious.  He is  usually a very  humorous  person. I asked him again what was  wrong  and he  said nothing.  I left him and  went on to chat with my friends. He went to talk to my  friends’ husbands.   I would look at him from time to time to see if he was okay.  I found his silence quite strange and he kept  holding  his head like it was aching. I sat beside him. I asked  him if he was okay and he kept saying, “Umuwi na tayo. Masama and pakiramdam ko.  Umuwi na tayo. ( Let’s go home. I am  not feeling well. ) I told him we couldn’t leave  yet. We had  an argument . I stayed  outside, in the  backyard, with my friends and had a beer. After a while, he came to  me and apologized . He just said he was not  feeling  well.  He sat beside me, all the while rubbing  his forehead and telling me that his head was aching.  Though  bothered. I didn’t  really  pay much attention to him. I was totally getting the hang  of our little party. Bea,  Madel’s  eldest  daughter, even joined us in the  garden.

I was about to get my second bottle of beer when I noticed someone walking  inside Madel’s kitchen. It appeared to be a woman wearing a black dress and  a veil  covering her face.  I looked  at my friends but it seemed  like they  didn’t  notice  the woman. Bea, on the other hand, had her head down like she was avoiding  eye contact  with something or someone. I looked at the door  again and there  she was again. The  woman passed again! This time,  I felt  a chill. I felt  a stinging sensation at the back of  my head. I knew right there and then that what I was seeing was a ghost.  I didn’t  tell this to my friends. I just told them I had  to go home   because I still had work the following  day.  And also, I was starting to worry  about  my boyfriend Before in their house. She laughed at me and told me that was very ridiculous. I  told her I saw someone walking in their  kitchen  and that my boyfriend sometimes sees  these paranormal things.

On the way home,  my boyfriend suddenly stopped  the car. I asked  him why.  He looked like he just woke up from a dream.

“Nasaan na tayo  (Where are we)?” he asked.

Amused, I told him we were on the expressway. I asked him if  he felt better   because  he still  kept rubbing his head.  “Thank God at naisipan mo ring umuwi. Akala ko hindi na tayo makakaalis  doon.  ( Thank God you decided  to go home. I thought we’d never get out of that place).”

he blurted. “Ano ba ang  problema (What is  the problem)?” I asked him. My boyfriend  looked at me.  And he told me that when we  went inside the  house, he saw a  very  different place. It appeared to him like an old  house; not the  house  of Madel. He thought  he was  dreaming because the house he saw was designed in the  Spanish-Style. He said there were lots of  people and  it seemed  like they were having a party or some social gathering. But the  thing he  couldn’t   forget was a woman wearing a black dress, with a veil covering  her face. He said that this woman kept  on walking  and  walking  inside the house.

Shoot! That was what I saw!  The next morning, I was about to go to work when I received a call from  Madel.  She sounded very serious and I asked  her what was wrong .

“Mare, totoo bang nakakakita ng multo si Eric (Girl,  is it true that Eric can see  ghosts)?” she asked, obviously agitated.

I thought this girl didn’t  believe in ghosts? “Minsan. Pero  ayaw niyang pag usapan iyon kasi natatakot siya (Sometimes. But he doesn’t want to  talk about those things because he is afraid),” I replied. I told her again that  I saw someone walking inside her kitchen.

“Oo nga eh. Kasi si Bea, tinanong ko siya kung bakit bigla siyang  pumasok kahapon sa kwarto. Sabi niya natakot kasi siya . Nakakita daw siya ng babae sa likod  natin.  Naka itim at nakabelo na nakatakip ang mukha. ( I know. I asked  Bea why was suddenly went inside our room. She told  me she got scared  because  she saw a lady  behind  us who was wearing a black dress and veil covering her face), Madel confessed.

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