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By  Storm Angel

My  unforgetabble experience during my high school life would probably be the  “spooks”. I had my own share of scares but thakfully I was always with friends when they happened. Last June 2003, our school had their annual leadership training wherein my friends and I had to stay overnight in school.  It was like any  other night and it would’ve stayed  that way if that child hadn’t appeared.

A group  of student had gone to the comfort room beside  the canteen. It was  dark and only the light along the hallways illuminated their path. They were hurrying back to the session hall for dinner when they saw a little boy eating at one of the tables inside the canteen.

They tried talking to the child to ask him what was he doing in school  at that time of the night and why he was alone. After several  attempts of calling the child’s attention, they realized that the canteen was closed and there was no way for the kid to get in or out.  The only way for the child to get in (or out) was to walk through the walls!  Being  a fan of the supernatural, I interviewed one of the witnesses.  I asked her  to describe what she saw  and where she saw  the child.

To my surprise, the child was  sitting at the table where I usually eat! I quickly told my friends whom I shared the table   with and wondered why the child chose to be there.  There must be a reason. Months later,  one of my friends related her own spooky story; She was  sitting  towards the front of her school bus, which is actually a converted passenger jeepney, when  she felt  cold.

At first, she didn’t pay attention to it because  it was still early.   She thought that maybe  it was  the morning chill.  When they arrived at school, one of her  busmates (who happened to have an  open third eye) asked about the little boy sitting  beside her.

“Ano ka ba? Ako lang kaya ang nakaupo  doon sa harap kanina, ( What are you talking about? I’m the only one that sat in front.),” She said. “Hindi, nakita ko, may katabi kang bata kanina! ( No, I saw  that a kid sitting beside you earlier!)”

That freaked her out as she made her way to her classroom.  The next  phenomena involved  all  six of us: We had  out retreat early this 2004.

Because  this was a religious gathering,  we felt safe and  spent  the morning worry-free. As  the retreat came to the close the mood became spooky as each of  us shared ghost stories. We didn’t do this long since one of us was getting really frightened. That night during dinner, two  of them  decided  to go to the restroom while the rest  of us stayed.

After a couple of minutes, the two came back looking shocked and panicked. “May multo doon sa C.R.! There ‘s a ghost in the restroom!)” they said.  “Ha? Ano bang nangyari?  What? What happened?)” I asked. “Kaming  dalawa lang doon sa C.R. Tapos  bago umalis, pumunta muna kami sa  mirror  para magsuklay. Tapos nang paalis na kami, bigla kaming may narinig na nagflush doon sa isang cubicle! (The two of us were  the only ones in the restroom. Before  we left, we went to the mirror to brush our hair.  As we left,  we suddenly heard someone flush toilet  in one of the cubicles!)” they said.”Sure ba kayo na kayong dalawa lang  ang nandoon? ( Are you sure that you were the only two there?)” I replied.  “OO naman, e di ba nandito kayong lahat (Of course, weren’t  the rest of you all here?)”  I checked the refectory and sure enough, all my classmates, my teachers, the helpers and even the priest were there.

In an attempt to forget the incident, we sat silently and ate dinner. Then we noticed a man and a woman peeking throught he windows. I was startled at first but calmed down after thinking that they might just be a  couple of attendants making sure that everything was all right. “Tao iyan diba? (They’re human aren’t they?)” I asked. “oo, tao iyan. Kumain na nga lang tayo, ( Yes,  they’re human. Let’s just eat.),”classmate said.

When we came home  the next day, one of my classmates and I discussed the  trip. “Ang  creepy nga niyon tapos  biglang may sumilip  doon sa bintana. Akala ko nga  multo na eh, pero attendants lang pala. (It was really creepy. Then  there was a couple that peeked through the windows. I thought they were spirits but they were  just attendants,),”I said. “Huh? Window  saan (Huh? which window?) She asked.

“Doon  sa refectory noong dinner. Di ba katabi pa nga namin yong table niyo. Doon sa may gilid, ang malalaking  bintana (In the refectory during dinner. We were  even  beside  your table, don’t you remember? There by the side, the big window),” I replied.

Imposible iyon,  may hukay doon sa may side ng window. Kahit sinong sumilip  hindi kita doon kasi  malalim iyon. Plus, wala naman kaming napansin na dumungaw  ah. ( That’s impossible, the ground’s being dug up on the side  of that window. Nobody can  peek through there because the hole’s pretty deep. Plus,  we didn’t  notice anyone peeking), she said. Sigurado ka ba?  Wala namang  takutan! (Are you sure? Don’t  scare me !)I said. “Seriously,” she said.

 And if that wasn’t creepy enough, something happened  to me recently: I was talking  to one of my friends on the phone when we heard the voice of a little girl on  the line.  I continued talking,  thinking it was just the TV at my friend’s house. She interupted me and asked. “Narinig mo ba iyon? (Did you hear that?)”

 “Ang alin? ( Her what?)” I said.

 “May narinig akong boses ng bata  na nag-hi. ( I heard a child’s  voice say hi ),”

 she said “Narinig ko din iyon. Hindi ba iyon TV ninyo? ( I also heard it.  Wasn’t that your TV” I asked. Hindi, ako lang mag-isa dito at naka off  ang TV, ( No, I’m the only one here and the TV’s off), “she replied.

“Hindi  rin ako  nanoon ng TV. Wala namang bata dito at diyan sa inyo di ba?  I’m not  watching either. There’s no kid here or in your place,  is there)? I asked.  “Natatakot na’ko  tama na,  (I’m getting frightened. Stop it),” She said.  Up to now, I still  wonder:  what do these ghost want from us?

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