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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / THE HAUNTED HOME Ec. BUILDING


By  Thea-0105

The elementary  school that I went  to was actually one of the oldest  buildings  in my hometown. Tales of mind-boggling incidents  and freaky  things were said  to have  been occuring  in our school. I knew that so many people  make up tales, but I assure  you,  this one  really did happen during  the academic  year  1994-95.

It was on that year  a very strong  typhoon  devastated our town. The infamous typhoon Rosing  dealt a great blow to our houses and even to  some of the old  buildings  in our school.  One of the buildings that  were damaged  was the Home Economics  Building.

For months, this room was unused because of the ongoing renovation.  After the renovation, the school  principal  ordered sixth grade pupils  to occupy  said building. The H.E. building  actually looked  like a typical  two-storey house with curtains  and a sliding  door at the entrance.

Our room,  which was composed pf fifth graders, was beside the H.E. building.  One time, our  H.E.  teacher was lecturing about  flower-arranging,  however,  the noise of  the Grade Six  pupils  was distracting our class a lot that we couldn’t even understand our teacher’s lecture.

It seemed that they were shouting and playing all over the H.E.building. Finally, the noise subsided when their teacher arrived  to begin their class. Then all  of a sudden, a strident cry floated on the air.

“TULUNGAN NINYO AKO (Help me)!” the voice cried.  At first, the sixth graders ignored it, but then the mystrious  cry was  heard again for two consecutive times that  we, from  the other room, were even  able to hear it.  Everyone freaked out.They rushed towards the door , and some even fainted and cried because of fear.

We heard  the stampede from  from  the H.E.  building  that we and our teacher  went outside  to see what was going  on.

Their teacher blunty said to them. “Naku,  it’s  all your fault class! You  were all  so  unruly a while ago that’s why there’s all this…   After  that creepy incident. the sixth graders requested the school administration to hold their class outside  instead  of inside the building.

Surely, they wouldn’t  want to hear the creepy weeping  of the ghosts of the building. It was  said that  during the Japanese period,  many lives  were taken and killed in the very site where  the H.E.  building  was put up.

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