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By: Neenu Camo


The phantom hands clamped  around the child’s face,  and the room was filled with the chill of death. William, standing over her daughter’s bed,  could see  the dents in her daughter’s flesh made by the  force of the  invisible fingers. William and his family had for weeks been terrorized  by a presence the called “The thing”  a malignant  being that had transformed their  house near Bulacan into a  house fear. It was  in the rainy season a few  years ago that  The Thing first arrived in their house where William, a  40-year-old businessman,  lived with his wife and young daughter.  First, it lurked outside. “We heard a shuffling sound in the garden,” William later told  investigators. “This occurred for some nights, and  then gradually, The Thing seemed to  nose its way into the house.”

The family was not easily frightened, but the presence that infiltrated  their home filled them with bewilderment and finally with terror.  Eventually, its presence made itself felt every night.

The family couldn’t sleep.  Furniture was moved,  clothes and books disturbed. One night,  William’s wife, Ludy was grabbed by unseen hands and was pulled  across the room. Often,  when the family retired  for the night, they would find the beds warm-as though something had already been lying on them. The family cat refused  to remain in the house at night.  Mysterious  knocks and  clatters disturbed  even the most deep sleeper. It came to a  point when the family could only sleep at dawn when the  disturbance  stops.  The most  affected of them was the young  daughter, Doris, whose  schooling suffered due to  fatigue and lack of sleep.

The final horror came one night when Doris was  asleep in her small  bed in her parents’ room. William later described in detail  a scene he would never forget:

“First, we  felt The Thing arrive in the usual way. Everything became  cold and there was a peculiar odor,  the smell of decaying trees.  Then I  noticed that Doris had begun to struggle in her sleep. As we watched, one  of Doris’ eyes was forced open and then the other. It was as if someone  was forcing them open with a thumb and  forefinger. We could see the marks of the fingers on her skin.

“Ludy and I clung to each other terrified. Then I forced myself to go  over to Doris’ bed and pry the hands away. I am  sure they intended to  murder my child. ” I swept my first over Doris’ face and at once her  head fell back onto  the pillow, her eyes closed. The hand marks on her skin disappeared.”

But there was no sleep for Ludy and William that night. As the dawn  was breaking, they vowed that they had suffered enough. If The Thing  wanted them to leave  their home, they would.  By now,  the haunted house had  become famous.  A group of psychic  investigators, intrigued by the reports, asked whether they could  spend  a few days at the place. The family agreed. They had already found  another home and wanted nothing more to do with the haunted house.  In three weeks, two questors equipped  with tape recorders and infrared cameras installed themselves in the haunted  room.  They locked  the door and waited. A report compiled  the next day  from the  ghost  hunters read as follows: “After a long vigil, we both fell asleep but were  awakened by the sound of something soft plopping about on the floor outside  the door. The was a silence and then a pawing sound at  the bottom of the door. “We opened the door and dashed out unto the landing. Our flashlights   revealed a curious green haze which drifted  eerily near the ceiling. We  were conscious of a horrible smell,  a smell of decay and rottenness.  We returned  to the room and locked the door.  We both had the  impression that someone-or something-was on  watch outside the door  the whole  night.  With the  first  light the  smell disappeared and the fumbling sounds  went away.  This convinced us that the watcher  on our threshold  was a  creature of darkness and could  not face the clean morning air.” The investigators suggested  that the house  was built over an  ancient well  that, under certain conditions, gave out a pungent gas that drifted  through the  floor of the house. As it moved, it disturbed the foundations,  creating both the smell and the noises.  But there was no well beneath the concrete flooring of the house. And why did the smell and  the noise disappear at dawn? How do you explain  the episode of the phantom hands? How were the furniture and  belongings physically moved?”

Even the  investigators were not able to explain these events. William decided to sell the house and  just move to another location.  But there was no taker of the house. The city council  made an offer to  the family to buy  the house at a price below the market value.  They will turn it into a museum and convert it to a  tourist spot.  William agreed. The family moved  out of the  house and relocated to another place. The house is now a tourist attraction and everyone is happy about it.  Especially the ghost hunters, the psychic, and  the questors who always visit the place to solve the mysteries haunting  How about you? Do you want  to try to sleep in that house and solve  the mystery?

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