The Doxology

My Mom and dad visited me in California in the mid 1960s . I took them to a  New Thought church. It was  their  first experience with this kind of service, and they both  loved it,  especially the hymn called  “The doxology.” Having  been Catholic all their lives,  they had  never heard the song  before.

In the early 1970s, when I moved back home with  them,  they used to love to sing that song together.

My dad developed  cancer and died  within six months.  Mom lived  five weeks  longer, and then died of a  broken  heart. They had  been married for ever sixty years, and  despite their advanced age, their passing  was very painful  for me.

One  year later,  I was  visiting my sister in the  Bahamas.  On the flight over,  I became very  lonely for my parents. I prayed  that I would  be given  a sign  that they could contact  me from  the other side.  I was walking  alone on  the island three days later.

It was  a beautiful day,  and I was  enjoying the sun and cool breeze.  I heard organ music coming from the  woods. I walked  to  the music  and saw a tiny church in the middle of nowhere. I entered the building  and saw  an elderly lady sitting at an organ.We smile at each other and I sat  down.

She played  a number of hymns. Then she looked at me and said “This  hymn is for you.” I was shocked  when she started playing  “The Doxology.”

Mom and Dad’s  favorite hymn  was played  for me on a  remote island in the  Bahamas.  I knew they  were  sending  me a message.

Daniel Gulbin

Scranton,  Pennsylvania

January  2001

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