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By: Gabriel  Fernandez

Carlo is a computer technician. One day, as he was  busy eating lunch,  his office line rang. He answered the phone.  The call was from a certain Mrs. Armero saying  that she wanted her computer fixed.  Carlo interviewed Mrs. Armero about her computer to assess where the  problem was. After a few minutes of phone conversation,  Carlo told  Mrs. Armero that he would  be at her  house at around 3 in the afternoon.  Mrs. Armero gave Carlo her address.

Carlo was standing in front of Mrs. Armero’s house at exactly 3 p.m.  The house looked abandoned and rather old.  Carlo knocked and waited  for someone to  open the door, but no one came out.  He tried once again  but still,  no one came to  the door.  He went  to a neighbor’s house and  asked where Mrs. Armero was.

“Mrs. Armero? She has been dead for  more than 20 years! She was a hit-and-run victim,” the neighbor replied. “But, Miss,  Mrs. Armero just  called our company and said that she wanted her computer fixed!” said Carlo.  “Well,  let me show you the inside  of her house if you don’t want  to believe me,” said the  neighbor, annoyed. So they went inside the house,  which was unlocked, and Carlos was startled at what she saw-there were no furniture inside the house. Nothing but dust.  “Mrs. Armero hardly went out of her house.  She was too  busy using  her computer for burning  CDs” the neighbor said.  They then  went out of the house and they went back to the  neighbor’s house.  “would  you like to have some tea first before you leave?” asked the neighbor. “Uh,  no thanks!” Carlo said as he  hurriedly left the house. When Carlo got back to their company, it was already 7 in the  evening.  If Mrs. Armero is dead,  then why did  she call our company? Carlo was puzzled.

The phone rang and Carlo  answered it. “Why didn’t you fix my  computer?”  the voice said. He realized who was calling- Mrs. Armero!  He put  the phone down immediately, freaked out. Suddenly, the lights  went out and he saw a  figure  floating.  It was a  figure of a woman. She  floated near Carlo and started to strangle him. Carlo caught a glimpse of  the figure’s face and  hands as he was struggling-her face was bloody and her hands were full of wounds.

He was about to pass out from lack of oxygen when he felt  his lighter on his pocket. In his desperation to ward off the image,  he lit the lighter right on the image’s face. It vanished! As soon as the image was  gone,  the power was restored. Scared, Carlo took out his  rosary and prayed  for the soul of Mrs. Armero. He assumed  that the image was that  of his phantom customer.  After the incident, Carlo would be  startled by  the sound of a phone ringing. Though Mrs. Armero hasn’t  called again,  Carlo still couldn’t get over his fear.

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