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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / THE BOY WHO WANTED TO PLAY


By: Shandy Roque


After  one spirit questing in Bulacan, we were invited  to another  house. It was the house of one of our host’s friends. The house was  very dense with spirits and entities for some reason.  When I was  asked  to read cards for someone in the living room, I felt suffocated  and dizzy. I felt like I was in a place  crowded with people who are moving around in different directions.

Later on,  they asked  me what I saw  in the house.  I told them that  apart from the spirits hovering about, I distinctly recognized the specter  of an old woman.  While I was reading for the man of the house, I saw her from the corner of my eye.  She was a thin, dark woman with short  gray hair.  The owner of the house knew I saw  something because he  noticed me pause as I was reading.  As I was ending my card-reading,  a child came into view.  In my vision, he was wearing  a sando and a pair  of shorts. “Play with me?” he said. He looked so cute. He was a little cherubim with curly hair.  When I have finished  my readings,  the group requested for a seance. They wanted to be able to experience it. They wanted to see a ghost. My friend lead the seance. After asking the people to hold  hands and to close their eyes, he began calling on the spirits of the house. “Whoever wants  to communicate with us,” he said,” please come into the  circle….”

At once, the little boy appeared beside my feet. He looked up at me and smiled.  I smiled back. I’ve always  loved  children. And,  even  though,  he was a ghost, I do not feel Threatened  or afraid.  “Who are you?” Fritz asked. “Boyet,” the little boy replied. “What happened here?”

“I don’t know,” he said, looking at me. For some reason,  I had the  feeling that he knew  that I was the one voicing out his answers.  “Where’s everyone?” Fritz continued his inquiry.  “I don’t know.”

“Who’s taking care for you?”

“Yaya,” he replied  pointing to the kitchen. The boy turned to me  again.  This time, what I saw startled me. The cherubim face was  replaced with a charred head! My eyes flew open and I panted, trying to gain my composure.

“Fritz” I gasped. “There was a fire. His face was burned.”

“Do you see the  white  light, Boyet?” My friend asked.

The little boy nodded. “Mama? Papa?”

“Your parents are waiting for you…” While we were goading the  little boy to cross over,  the owner of the house suddenly blurted out, “There’s something heavy on my back!”

I looked towards his direction and saw  the nanny.”She was  trying to  reach over  him to get the little boy. “Fritz, it’s the yaya!” I exclaimed. “Maybe you can ask her to  take him through the light.”

“Would you like to  enter the circle?” my friend asked.  The nanny entered the circle. As  she passed by,  I was  shocked by  what I saw/ She was also burned to death.  I could see her charred skull.  She picked  up the  little boy and walked  through the light.  At once, we felt the atmosphere lighten up a bit. We then broke the circle.”Do you have any idea when it   happened?” Fritz asked me.  “Based on what they’re wearing, I’d say it happened in the  ’50s…  The owner confirmed that the house was  built in the  ’50s but  he did not know if a fire really occurred in the house. Also, during that  night,  they told  me that other people have seen the little  boy and the  old woman  before.  The little boy was seen by one of the children who  slept over in the house.  And the Nanny was seen by one  of the residents. He said that she looked  like the  maid who was  currently working in the  house.  After daybreak,  at around one in the afternoon, while I was  hungrily devouring a plate of rice and Kare-kare,  I saw the  maid enter the house. My eyes  widened and I almost chocked on what I was eating.  I nervously tugged on my friend’s shirt and whispered, “She really looks like the  yaya… “

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