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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / THE BLOODY GRASSLAND


By: Shandy Roque


I was working  when my friend informed me about an invitation to do a  quest in Bulacan. Since it  was on  a Saturday evening,  I agreed to  go.  We just had a stint  with ABC-5 a week ago.  And,  because  some of  his friends viewed it,  they were very curious  about questing  and seances.  They also wanted us  to check out a place  in Bulacan. They wouldn’t  give us any information about the location.  And, that’s exactly how I  like to do my questing. I knew that the result of my trip  there would be  good.  However, I didn’t  expect to  dream about the place. It was very dark.  The ground was wet and grassy.  I passed by a fan-like tree. And, as  I walked, I smelled blood. I also heard women who were crying and  screaming for help.  From afar, I also heard a demonic laugh. Where  am I? I continued  to walk until I found a huge tree. Hanging from it  was a rope. And suddenly, a man appeared. He was hanging from that  rope.  Of course, I immediately associated  this dream with the  quest that  I was about to perform.  I was quite alarmed. I immediately  informed  my partner  to contact other people.  The quest cannot be done by just  the  two of us. My friend didn’t heed my warning. So,  the two of us ended up going  there without a support  group. I was very edgy. While  we were eating   dinner with our  hosts, I was told  that one  of them had also  dreamed of a dark grassland and a  demonic laugh several times. I gave my friend  a look of alarm. This quest was not going to be easy.  We were  brought to  the residence  of a lawyer. Behind the house, I found a vacant lot. It was beside  a pond. In that  vacant lot, I saw a  fan-like  tree resembling the one in my dream. I was stunned. But my curiosity won over my fear. I asked if there  was a way  around  the pond and I also inquired about the  big tree that I saw  in my dream. They showed me a route. I trudged  on the slippery path,  wondering  what I’d  find.  I didn’t find the tree. According to the person who served  as my guide, there used to be a tree fitting my description but it was  struck  by lightning a few years back. He showed me where the tree used  to be 1 was amazed. It was on the same spot I saw in my dream.

On my way back,  I was convincing  myself that the facts that I have  gathered do not  prove anything. For one thing, I didn’t walk over a  pond in my dream. The grass was wet but I was walking  on dry land,  not over water. I do believe in the paranormal but the best way to keep feat at bay is to disprove it.  Apparently, my technique didn’t work. When I went back to the house,  I was told  that the pond  used  to be  part of  the grassland. I cussed. It was a bit rude, but I  couldn’t  help it. “What was the man wearing?” the guide asked me.

“He was  wearing white. His top was of a  lighter color than his pants  though.” The man said, “He must be the same man that was being tortured here.” He pointed at a section underneath the house. “This used  to be a  Japanese garrison. I think  the man you mentioned has a wife. She’s also  haunting  the place..”

And then, everything fell into place. The women who were  crying were being raped and  abused by the Japanese. One of these women was  the wife of  the man who was  tortured until he was finally executed. But, Something was missing . The demonic laugh. “Did you see a big man who looks like a best while you were  looking around?”

A demonic being.  The evil,  demonic laugh,  Now, that made things  very complicated. Demons feed on negative energy. And,  being a place  full of suffering spirits, it reeks of negative energy.  After  getting all the facts, I took my cards and started reading. My  own mind cannot find the solution.  I have to  consult my higher self.  As I  flicked through the deck, I found my answers.  The quest cannot  be finished that night.  Help was  very much needed. For that night,  my  friend’s  task was  to reunite the husband and the wife who did not  see that  they have been freed from the horrible experiences that they continue to  replay.  My task was to put a  protection spell on the place. I also needed  to leave something to the daughter of one  of the inhabitants.

I informed my partner about this and he  delivered the message to the  family,  Apparently,  one of the  inhabitants has a two -year old daughter who was psychic. I saw her palms.  Her mystic  cross was drawn across  her fate line.  I performed my magic  while my partner  communicated  with the dead man. I took out my  athame,  stabbed the ground and pointed to the sky. I closed my eyes and chanted words that I don’t  even understand.  After chanting,  I whistled.  The wind suddenly blew. I knew that the good spirits I have always depended on heeded my call.  They will remain in the area until  I come back. I couldn’t  find a crystal  that I can leave with the  daughter.  My partner  didn’t  have one either.  I was slightly perplexed.  The mother immediately told me that an old  woman gave her a crystal.  It was supposed to be used  by her daughter one day. Again,  another form of  synchronicity. I took the crystal and  chanted again.  I allowed  it to pass through the flame from a lighter. “It’s a bit warm but  it would not  hurt you,” I told  the child. She immediately opened her palm  as if she understood me.

keep this safe,”  I said.  “Don’t lose this.” She immediately  closed her hand. She understood me. Immediately, I used my  mind to convey to her  what she must do.  I passed on my knowledge  to the two-year-old child.  Her  eyes were  fixed on me.  I was stunned. The child was unusually powerful for her age.  She was  very sensitive. It was no wonder she was being haunted by so many creatures. Her mother complained  that she was once crying. She had a very high fever  and she  kept on saying, “No! I don’t want to go with you.”

At once,  I knew that the crystal was meant to shield her, to  give her strength and wisdom. I left knowing that all  will be  well until my  return.

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