Temper, Temper!

Following  the death  of my  wife  Florence, I decided  to  move  to a smaller home and  to rent  the house  we had  occupied. In June  1977 my friend Betty Newhouse was helping me  pack for the move.

I placed a small figurine in a box on the table; the box was about  two-thirds full and  the figurine  lay about  four  inches from the  top.

Several  minutes later,  as we continued to pack, I said  to  Betty, ” I wonder what Florence  would say if she knew I was   renting this house to people of the -religion.” This  was a religion  whose teachings were at  odds with those of  my wife’s church.

Immediately after I  asked this question, something hit  the floor with a loud crash. it was  the figurine. There was  no way it could have fallen on its own from  the box on the   table because, as I said, it lay a good four inches below the  top of the box.

As we continued to pack, I mused on the memory of  Florence’s  quick temper. During  our life together,  if she had  an object in her hand when  something  happened or was  said to upset her, that object was given a quick pitch to the  floor! Apparently her transition  did not  change her temper.

James M. O’ Neill

McDonald, Ohio

July 1982

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