“Tell Dave Forty-Seven”

At the beginning of 1991, I embarked on a new career- the  high-stakes game called  commodity futures trading. Simply put, this involves buying contracts on commodities (like corn,  soybeans, gold, or oil) for future delivery at,  hopefully, a higher price. I specialized in grains, where one contract was five thousand bushels.

I had positions in several grains, but my largest was corn, in which I had five hundred thousand bushels. A price change of one cent  resulted in a profit or loss of five thousand dollars. After five years I had  turned five hundreds dollars into three hundred thousand dollars.

That’s the background; now here’s the story. It was the  weekend and I was  spending  it at home with Shirley,  my extremely psychic girlfriend. Both my parents have passed over, but occasionally they “drop in”  and give Shirley a message to pass on to me.

One of these message  came on a  night that I had gone to  bed early and left  Shirley to spend the night watching television. The following morning , she  told me she had  been talking  to my dad. He had   said, “Tell Dave forty-seven,” and pointed to the wall. There was  a red  “47” on the wall. I tried to figure  it out.

I reasoned that since  I was dealing  in large  amounts of money, and since the “47” was red , it  had to mean a loss. I was going to hit a wall  and lose money. But what about the  “47”? Could it be the  fourth day of the seventh month? No -that was Independence Day, and the markets were closed. Could it be the  seventh day of  the fourth month, or maybe forty-seven days?

I counted the days off on the calendar. The forty-seventh day was April 16- my dad’s birthday. Too much of a  coincidence, I Thought, and ruled it out. It had  to be April 7- the  seventh day of  the fourth month.  But that day came and  went, and nothing unusual happened.

On April 16,  the forty-seventh  day,  the price of corn dropped like the  proverbial rock. There were no buyers and the price of corn fell twelve cents, as did the other grains.

The next day the price dropped another eight cents  before I could get out.I was wiped  out. Everything I had  made over the past five years this is just one of the many episodes that prove for me  that life does not  end with death.

David E. Irving

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

 November 2000

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