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TAXI # 45

 By: Ronald  Gary  Bautista

Chris and Julie were walking  down the boyside road that night. It was  really dark and the first vehicle  to pass  was a taxi.  Chris  waved  for it to  stop.  The taxi  stopped  a few meters ahead of them. Chris  aproached it to talk to the driver. As he  leaned  down to look inside,  he was horrified to find the taxi empty.  “Is it okay with the driver, Chris? Julie called out. ” Chris looked at his girlfriend. He turned back to the taxi and got even more terrified.  The taxi was now full of people, their eyes  staring  fiercely at him.  Christ  couldn’t  bear it anymore and ran back to his girlfriend.

Another vehicle  stopped near them. When they saw that it was Gary , Chris immediately went inside and pulled  his girlfriend in with him. I told  you guys to wait for me at the beach party. It’s not  good to be  walking  along this road, “Gary scolded the couple. Suspecting  that Gary knew about the weird taxi, Chris asked his friend, “Gary, what do you know about the taxi back there?” BEEP! Gary honked the horn before answering. “Two years ago, the Malaya Taxi Company’s  car number 45 had a terrible accident on this very road,” said  Gary. BEEP! “The driver died along with his five passengers.”

BEEP! “After the accident, rumors ran rampant  that taxi # 45 was seen travelling this road.”

BEEP! ” The Malaya Taxi Company denied that they produced another taxi unit with the same number,” Gary continued. BEEP! “How do you  know all this? Chris asked Gary.  I’m a journalism student, remember? I covered this story once,” Gary replied. Garry  dropped  the couple at Chris’ house and said,  There’s more. Some say  that taxi #45 crosses the path of vehicles that travel the bayside road.”

” Is that also true?” Julie asked. “They said that if taxi #45 passes by, you honk once, ,”Gary answered  Chris said,  “Hey! Didn’t you honk many times while we  were on the bayside road?”

“Yes! The taxi passed us five times tonight,  and each time the taxi passed, one of them disappeared, “Gary said.

“One of them?”  the couple asked. “While  we were  on the bayside road, the five dead passengers appeared, “Gary said in a whisper. “What? You mean you saw the five  passengers on the road? cried Julie. “No,  in my car!” Gary said.

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