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By: Mae Petite Revano

Way back in my highschool years, me and my friends were having fun of the summer job offered by the government and we can only work in our school premises. We were assigned in the library and we were about 5-6 students on duty that afternoon.

We stayed in the table near the office of the librarian and since our librarian was busy preparing for the accreditation of the school, we were all left in the library so no one is in her office nor in the stockroom beside her office. Our friends staying on the table near the office were talking about what they experienced inside the library and most especially in the stock room while one of them was crying thinking about what creepy things had happened.

They said that the door in the stockroom was slammed and closed even if no one’s there in the office because they were busy cutting articles for the bulletin board. Then Stephanie said that one of the teachers in the school, a physics teacher said that the door in the stockroom will be shut closed if the main entrance of the office will be opened or closed so she said she wouldn’t believe what they said (but me, Steph, and Rishie knew that there’s someone living there but we wouldn’t bother) just to comfort one of our friends who’s been crying for about the time when her friend shared their experience and suddenly!

BANG! The door in the stockroom was shut closed again and was really a hard slam but no one’s in the office and the door of the main entrance of the office was just open and is not even moving. When we heard the bang, we immediately went out from the library. Rishie the said that the door was slammed because Stephanie wouldn’t believe that there’s someone else there inside the stockroom and Steffani told them that she did that so that we wouldn’t be scared.

Late in the afternoon, I think it was 3pm or 3:30pm on the same day, I was inside the stockroom busy wiping the shelves and the window panes, I was alone since rishie and steffani and all the others were still busy cutting and compiling books. I was alone in the stockroom and too confident that the lights invthe ofrice and inside the stockroom are enough and I placed a chair on the door of the stockroom so that it wouldn’t be closed (thinking the slamming of the door).

Suddenly rishie and steffanie rushed inside the stockroom where I was ans rishie asked, Rose are you ok? Are you made at us because we left you alone there? And I said no im fine, really it’s okay with me.

Then they let me go with them outside the stockroom so were still in the office but were just near the door then rishie told me, are you sure ur fine? We heard from the outside that you were throwing the books seems like ur really mad because it was really loud. And steffani was nodding her head affirmatively and said yes rose I thought you were mad because t’was really loud.

I was really shocked and scared about what they said and I told them lets go out for awhile. When were outside from the office, I said really hahaha im not mad (smiling and was about to laugh) then they said then y r u throwing the books so loud and I said huh? No I didnt, I was just wiping the shelves and the books.

Rishie and steffani stared blankly at each other and felt goosebumps, so as I. Then they told me again that they actually heard noises like I was tthe books so hard from the stockroom. Since then, when we’re on duty, we always have one or two to go with us inside the office or stockroom.

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