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By: Gabriel  Fernandez

This story was told by my old classmate, Cedrik. His grandmother  owned a resort in Laguna and there was a big slide located near a  swimming pool. Late at night, the staff would see a white lady on the  highest slide. Even those  who live near the resort would report having  seen a lady in white on  top of the slide late at night.  It was on a New Year’s eve that Cedrik came to have a  personal  encounter with the reported  white lady.  While his  parents were enjoying  themselves with a karaoke session, he and his  cousin went for a walk  along the pool. Then, they saw a lady with long hair wearing a white  robe.  They couldn’t see the face of the lady because it was so dark.

“Hey, see that? Maybe  that’s the white lady! Run!”Cedrik shouted  at his cousin.   But his  cousin  was just looking at the lady as if he was in a trance  Cedrik  grabbed  him by the hand and he started running, dragging  his cousin. Cedrik decided to tell his parents about the white lady. His parents told that them  that they have also been seeing the white lady since Cedrik and his siblings were still kids.  Apparently, the lady met an accident in the resort. She used the slide to dive in the pool.  However, midway down, she lost her balance  and  banged her head on the walls of the slide. When she reached the pool, she was  half-conscious and was bleeding profusely.  She died.  Cedrik parents, upon seeing how scared Cedrik  was upon seeing  the lady in white,  called a priest to bless the resort and to pray for the  lady who  was haunting the place. After that,  the white lady stopped haunting the resort. The staff were asked to block the highest slide and  let no one use it.


My dad, Tito Benjie, and Tito George own a rest house in Tagaytay.  Tito Benjie and his family  decided to spend a weekend there last year. Tito Benjie and his family  were on their way to Tagaytay. They were  using the family van and tito Benjie was driving.

“Do you think  the rest house there is nice, Dad?” Therese, 10  asked.  “Yes, it is. You will like it there,  I promise!”  Tito Benjie said. Two  hours later, they finally arrived at the rest house in Tagaytay. It was  a two-story rest house and it was  painted yellow. It was already  late  and they had already eaten dinner on their way to the rest house. When they finally  got inside.   Tito Benjie closed all the doors first  and they immediately  went up  to their  rooms to change into their night clothes.  The next day, Tito Benjie woke up  early at around 5:30. He went  down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. But as he was  making his way down, he was surprised to see that the bathroom’s  door was open.  He was sure that he had closed all the doors the night before. He decided to shake it off thinking  that it was nothing at all.  Boy, was he wrong. Very wrong. For the next few days , Tito Benjie started to feel eerie things. As he  was going to  the bathroom near their room,  he saw a pool of blood on the floor. Worse, there was a  human bone,  worms were feasting on it.  He  screamed so hard that he started Tita Gely, his wife.

“What happened?” Tita  Gely asked, rushing to her husband’s side.” I saw a pool of blood and a human bone!” Tito Benjie said, scared. “But  I don’t see anything. Honey, maybe its just the new medicine that your  doctor gave you,” Tita Gely said, trying to calm down  her husband.

But tita Gely  had her own encounters with the unknown too.  One day,  when Tita  Gely was cleaning the rest house, she was  surprised to  find Tito George’s room locked. Thinking that Becky and  Gel were inside, she knocked on the door, “Becky, Gel! Open the door!”

Tita Gely called to her kids.

“Huwag mo ‘kong istorbohin!”a man’s voice roared from the  room.  Tita Gely was taken aback.  She didn’t recognize the voice. At that  instant, her kids  showed up. They told her that they were just downstairs, talking. As she went downstairs to the kitchen to cook,  she thought, May multo ba dito? She was  about to find out.

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