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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / ROLLING IN THE DEEP



By: Sai Casvellana

It was 2’oclock in the morning. It was chilly, dark and foggy. I came from UPLB to get my laundries home. I was riding my motorbike on the road when a stranger stopped me.

She was an old lady; demure and is wearing this very old camiseta that old folks used to wear. I thought she was going to ask me for directions. Instead, she asked me for food. I gave out what I cooked last night. It was my specialty adobo (She liked it).

She then asked me to where I was going. I told her I would be heading home and I need to be on my way. She then told me this “Ingat ka hijo. May nagambala ka yata nung huling dumaan ka sa lugar na yon. Maraming salamat pala sa pagkain.”  I went on my way. It was already 3am.

I was running UPHILL at speeds legally wise. I noticed something on the road. It was a coconut rolling beside me. I wasn’t really paying attention to it until I forgot that I was running UPHILL. It was defying the law of physics.

I noticed it is getting closer and getting faster coming at me. I revved the motor more until I was running faster than before. It didn’t budge the distance between us.

There was a blind curve up ahead. I need to slowdown. There are chills going down my spine. I won’t take any chance to look at it as to what it really is. I noticed it up ahead. It stopped. My motor began to shutdown. My arms suddenly moved uncontrolled.

I turned my headlights to direct it on the coconut. I was being possessed. It is trying to lure me to walking nearer to it. I can’t breathe. I’m starting to feel faint. I prayed as hard as I can. I really felt sorry for myself.

What have I done to deserve such a horrific ending? I started to cry when a voice came to me.” I will help you just as once as you had helped me”. I started regaining control. I opened my eyes. I saw what it was. It was near my feet. It was bloodied all over; dirty hair coming from everywhere.

It was a severed head. I was looking at it straight in the eyes. It was murmuring something. It was grinning at me. Sharp teeth ready to devour me. Cold started to regain me. I walked back slowly as I can. It started floating slowly again.

I bumped my motor and started climbing to it as fast as I can. The head shot at me; but then suddenly it stopped in between. It was floating in mid air cursing at something.

Someone is trying to stop it. I used the time to start my motor. Thank God it started. I revved it as soon as I can never looking back. I was shouting my lungs out.

My speedometer says that I’m running speeds at 105kph but everything seems very slow. I looked at my side mirror to see the head catching up on me again. Suddenly out of nowhere. In front me. There was another head.

It passed beside my shoulders then a voice came to me again “HIJO! Bilisan mo! Hindi ko kayang pigilan ng matagal to!” It crashed with the other head. I didn’t bother myself to look anymore.

All I hear was a very loud screeching, shouting and cursing noises fighting at the back of me. My house was up ahead. I was still shouting and heard someone shouting back at me “HOY MAGPATULOG KA !^$&# KA!”

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