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By: Nicole Ramirez

My schoolmate lived in Mansion in New Manila. She’d often tell  me about spooky incidents that were happening in their area. Even their  house seemed to be haunted.  They would often witness their television  being suddenly turned on by come unknown presence. One night,  they had to sleep downstairs because of a brownout.  They huddled together  on the carpet. They left candles burning around them.  In the middle of  the night,  they could see someone going  up the stairs, the heavy thud of a pair of feet was heard all over the house.  They would also hear  devilish laughter. My classmate’s yaya left the family because of these  unexplained  phenomena.   But what really terrified them was an incident that happened one rainy night.  They were  on their way home,  or dad driving.

It was  raining hard that night,  big droplets of rain pelted  on the car window.  My schoolmate, siting in  the backseat, was busy listening  to her iPod. Her mom  was on the passenger seat. Her dad was concentrating on the road.  When they reached their gate, her dad reached for the gate keys but they were nowhere to be found inside the car. Her dad got  out of the  car and  pressed the doorbell.  While waiting for their maid to open the gate, my schoolmate turned off her Ipod since the songs were all boring her. She looked out of the car window and paid attention  to their quiet neighborhood. She noticed that all  streetlights were unlit.  That was weird,  she  thought,  but didn’t pay much attention to it.  She turned to look away  She began listening iPod once again.  As she was listening, she was staring at the mirror on the driver’s side. It was really dark outside due to the rain and the absence of light from the lampposts.  But something  totally  freaky caught her  attention.  She took off her  earphones and looked closely at the mirror. Then she saw it. There was a  girl,  about her age,  with long black hair partially covering her face. She was dressed in a white gown and she was  moving  closer and closer to the mirror. My schoolmate closed her eyes in fright.

After a few moments,  he curiosity got the better of her  and she opened  her eyes and peered at the mirror again. She didn’t see the girl this time.   She was relieved thinking that she just imagined what she  earlier saw.  She looked  out at the street once again. But her heart skipped  a beat as she came face to face with the girl in the mirror.  Her face was  very near my classmate’s with only the glass window separating them.  The girl’s red eyes flaming with rage and despair bored into her.  My schoolmate screamed and ended into a dead faint.  The memory didn’t  leave her  for a few days. She was clearly spooked.

The family  decided to move  out from  their house in New Manila  and decided to just  sell it. Now, they live  in Makati, far from where they used to live. They haven’t  encountered any spooky incident since then.  If you happen to pass by New Manila during nighttime,  find the old  mansion- dark windows facing the road- with a “For sale” sign.  Stop  in front of it and look intently at your side mirror. Just prepare yourself to the image that you might see.

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