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Phone Call from Beyond


For many years my friend Davis Stone was sole  caretaker of  a large mansion and estate next door to me on Belmont  Street in Indianapolis,  Indiana. His daughter Ruby and I had  been great pals before she died when she was only seven.

In 1969 Davis fell from a ladder and as a  result  was nearly crippled. If he sat bent over or in an unusual position for any length of time he would be unable to work  for  days or even weeks. Not long after his fall Davi’s  employers went  on vacation and Davis had complete responsibility for the  estate.

The job was really to much for one person, and I  was continually on the watch to see  that he  did not cripple himself again. One evening just before  dusk my  telephone rand and I answered it. I heard a voice  I recognized but  could not place; it was the tiny voice of a child.

She said, ” they told me I could  not telephone but I just did, didn’t  it?” Puzzled, I said, “I know your voice but  who are you?””You know me,” she answered. ” I am Ruby!””Thank you and goodbye,” I said as I dropped the phone,  alarmed that something must be  wrong be wrong with Davis. I heard the little voice say, “Thank you too.”

I dashed next door and tried to get in. There was no answer to my knock but I found a door that was  unlatched   and went from  room to room to see what was the matter.  On a big, chair I found Davis, sound asleep in a position that would have  crippled him.

Suddenly I knew he could not  be awakened quickly  so I just stood nearby and repeated his  name. Finally he awoke and said, “Oh, my back! It’s a good thing  you came to see about me, but what is the reason?” Stunned for  a moment at the  immensity of the answer I  must give, I finally said, “You daughter Ruby called me on  the telephone.”

Disbelief showed on his face. I couldn’t blame him. The truth staggered me too when I realized what it  meant. “My phone  is still off the  hook,” I added. ” I dropped it  when I knew something was wrong over here. Ruby said  “Thank you’ just as I dashed  over. She was still on the line.” Davis and I agreed this was very like Ruby. She always had been so careful to observe the pleasantries of life.

I am careful to whom I tell this story, but the  telephone call from  beyond remains a rare treasure in my memory.

Viola Tollen

Indianapolis, Indiana

July 1974



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