Old Lady

By  Carlo D. Maramag

This story im about to share happened back in summer of 2005.

One night i dreamt of an old lady, she’s wearing a green polka dots terno, short gray hair but i cant see her face clearly.  She’s standing right in front of my bed staring at me. I woke up and look at the wall clock.

The time is 2:25am, I scanned my sorroundings, my heart is pounding loud and fast. Because the lady that appeared in my dream seems so real.

During breakfast i told to my mother what happened last night. She just said that it’s just a bad dream. But the thought that she is not coming back was wrong.

Because that night she appeared in my dream again. Same scenario. But this time parang may gusto syang sabihin. In my dream i woke up and i gathered enough courage to speak to her.

I asked her kung ano ang kelangan nya saken at bakit sya nasa room ko? She was dead silent , blurred face then she sat at the foot of my bed. And suddenly she transported me in her time line.

Yung setting is nakatayo ako sa tapat ng isang bungalow type house yung gate ay gawa sa bamboo. Tahimik yung lugar at malayo sa mga kapitbahay. I think the time is past midnight. Suddenly may dumating na owner type jeep with a four gunmen.

Pumasok sila sa loob ng house at kinuha yung matandang babae and her two daughters. Tapos dinala sila sa isang bukid along the highway. They screamed and begged for help pero walang nakakarinig.

The old lady beg to one of the guys “parang awa nyo na ! Pakawalan nyo mga anak ko ! Ako na lang ! ” But the gunmen shot the old lady point blank in her head. She died immediately in front of her two daughters.

The remaining two young girls were shot to death right after their mother. Their lifeless bodies buried on the spot where they murdered..

I was shocked and seems like watching a movie in a fast forward mode. I opened my eyes and i was fully awake na umiiyak. And when i look at the clock it’s exactly 2:25am. Yung old lady sa dream ko maybe she was seeking for justice.

But the question is totoo ba talaga sya? Or its just a bad dream? After that night she never appeared in my dream again.

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