By: Jennifer Olmillo

The summer before I was to enter Grade 3, My mom  told me that  my cousin  Jasmine would be visiting in two weeks ‘ time. Jasmine  and I were  very close ; she was  like a sister to me.

That afternoon was  very hot.  My mom and I  were the only ones home, chatting  by the gate  while we waited for my dad to come home. She told me to get some apple  juice and some snacks from the kitchen for our merienda. As I prepared the juice and the food,  I saw Jasmine standing  behind me.  “O nariyan ka na pala. Teka ititimpla  rin kita  ng juice. I know pagod ka sa byahe.  Samahan mo na lang si mama sa gate at wala siyang kausap doon,” I told her she smiled at me. “Ano ba? Para kang tanga. Pumunta  ka roon at kausapin mo  si mama’t huwag kang parang loka loka riyan.”

She left me alone in the kitchen as I brought out another  glass for her.  when  I went back out to the gate. I saw that my mom was alone. “O, bakit tatlo ang juice na yan?” my mom asked.  “Kay Jasmine po. Nasaan po ba siya?  Sabi kong  dito siya pumunta at makipagkwentuhan muna sa inyo. Kausap ko siya kanina sa kusina. Wala namang sinabi, nakangiti lang na parang naloloka,” I said.

My mom  gave me a what-are-you talking-about look. “Hindi  ako umalis  dito sa gate. Hindi dumaan si  Jasmine dito,” she said. Our gate  was the only entrance to our  house.  The telephone rang. It was my tita Annie Jasmine’s mother, and she was crying when I answered the phone. “Jhenn, si Jasmine naaksidente pauwi rito galing school.  Patay na ang pinsan  mo!” she said tearfully.  I was in  shock and I couldn’t believe her. I am now in my 2nd year of college but I still dream of my cousin, usually a  flashback or a  recollection of what we did when she was  still alive.

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