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By: Sharron Navera

This story was related to me by my cousin, Gina.  She is  one of  the reluctant clairvoyants in the family. Since she was young,  she  can already see and feel things, only that she  refused to believe in her abilities or she just had  great fear in the unknown. It happened in a very prestigious university in Manila.  It was  a rainy Wednesday. Early in the morning,  she went to school  to finish  her thesis. It was her  first time to enter the computer room that early.  Since the  cubicles are separated only by glass dividers, she can see through them.  She was  facing the door and thus  can see who goes in and out through the door.  Focused on the computer, she heard the door open. She was  so  relieved that there was someone with her then. She didn’t bother to take  her eyes away from her computer monitor thought. She was that busy. A few hours later,  Gina got up to stretch her legs and get something to eat. Her cubicle was at the last row,  she walked passed the other  cubicles  and found  a female person in cubicle 3. She just told the girl  that she  would just grab a bite. After eating, she immediately went back to the computer room. Her classmate, Emily was at the door.  When Emily saw Gina, she immediately asked, “Gina, why did you leave your things in the room? You even left the computer on.”

Gina replied, “There was someone in the  other cubicle so I told her  that I would  just  go grab something to eat.”

Emily  replied, “But there was no one when I got there!”  Gina immediately went in, looked into the cubicle. There was no one  there. She put her hand on the computer’s CPU. It was cold indicating  that no one  had used it for the  past 15 minutes! Fearful, she turned the  computer on.  A message flashed before them, “Ingatan mo sarili mo.” The two immediately gathered their things and left. Gina never went to the computer room alone after that.

Gina told me that like a clockwork,  all the computers would suddenly  flicker at exactly 9:45 am.  That happened everyday. Sometimes, they  would all shut down  for no apparent reason.  They  just deducted that it  might just be power glitch.

But not  on February 14, 2001.  The room was packed with student because  of last-minute changes to  their theses.  Gina was there with her group mates early in the  morning.  She was about to go out to attend a class when suddenly, a student  charges  in the door with a long kitchen knife, almost toppling her, and  grabbed  Emily, Gina’s classmate and stabbed her over and over again.  When he noticed that the girl was bloodied,  he ran out. Gina and a few of the student who witnessed the incident tried to stop him.  He reached the back of the cubicles and stabbed himself.

They rushed  the two in a nearby hospital,  the girl was pronounced  dead on arrival.  Gina remembered the message on the computer. It was  not meant for her-it was for Emily.  The guy survived  and was put under police custody.  When Gina  learned that I was  visiting her campus for  a lecture, I was taken to the computer room. I smelled something odd, a smell of the dead.

My student, Allan, who also studied in the same university, learned  about this  and went on a  witch hunt. There were three incident reports  in the campus which happened  on a February 14. The three reports  shared some common  elements; all were cases of stabbing, all involved  a couple, all happened in the same room where the last stabbing incident happened.   Reports  states  that the incidents always involved a guy stabbing a girl  killing her.  What was more weird was the fact that the stabbing  incidents happened at exactly 9:48 in the morning. Allan dug deeper in his research. Since records are very hard to find  in the school,  he tried to befriend old timers  and got a peculiar story.    A rainy Wednesday morning,  February 14, 1979,  a girl named Leah  was doing her project in the same room where the computers are housed  now.  The day before that, she broke up with her boyfriend, Gerald,  because she was very preoccupied with her thesis and studies . But Gerald refused to break up with her.  They argued. Leah just left.  Still upset, she went to the project room early.  At around 9:45 am,  Gerald charged into the room  and stabbed her.  People tried to restrain him but his strength was enormous,  he pushed  everyone and continued  stabbing his girlfriend.

After he noticed that Leah was not breathing anymore,  he ran out and stabbed himself.  Leah was pronounced  dead on arrival in the hospital. Gerald was jailed. The two other incidents  occurred in the years 1990 and 1996. My  student immediately  reported this case to the  Rector,  but he refused to believe that something out of the  ordinary had a role  in the stabbing incidents.  The whole  class of my cousin was surprised when they learned about this. They called  a priest  and a pastor  to bless and get rid of the curse. Unfortunately, it backfired. From the time the place was blessed, all of the thesis files were always  corrupted or deleted from the system.  Even when new computers were  installed,  not a single thesis survived in the room.  For two months, the  class struggled. Since my cousin is a reluctant clairvoyant, one night she and three  friends stayed  in the project room. Early the next morning, around 6, she  heard  a laughter. A girl voice echoed into the room.  She immediately   grabbed her flashlight and scanned the room.  No one was there.  The laughter turned into screams followed by a shriek. Gina saw a  shadow of a woman standing behind a computer.  She read the screen  and it said, “Help me.”Gina replied with terror,  asking her what to do.  The entity typed back, she said that her boyfriend should be set free  or more deaths shall occur in the room.  Gina asked her what his name was. The girl typed back, “G.S.” Gina immediately left  and asked Allan where Gerald was.  He said he was in jail  and was  sentenced  to life imprisonment. The whole  class filed  a petition to free Gerald, now 44 years old.  The case is still ongoing.  As the entity? She is  still haunting the room.  But so far, no  stabbing incidents have been reported.

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