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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / MOUNTAIN TYRANT ENTITY


By Stephen Robert Honorio

This late was shared  to me by  our current  housemaid, Ate maya, who was originally, residing in the  province of Capiz. It all happened sometime in the late 60’s to 70’s when  a wealthy and greedy  businessman came to Capiz to initiate his plants  of expanding his business.

He came  miles from  Manila to find extra space for  his mean to construct minor buildings  for his   company, and somewhere  in the mountains  of that province,  he finally found the perfect  spot. Little did he know that  spot was  not really vacant and that an  unexpected terror was lurking  from the mountain  depths.

One  early morning, the businessman confronted an old man who was living in  that particular  mountain in isolation.  The old man responded.
“I’m warming  all of you  to please  don’t push through  with your plans. You’ll just get yourselves  into a lot  of trouble. Not only  you,  but me as  well.”

But no  matter how  the old man pleaded, the greedy businessman still pushed forth  with his plans. Even  the residents  from the lowland barrio couldn’t  convince the  businessman that in exchange for his  ambitions, lives would be at sake.

No could stop  his plants,  until a chain of unusual  events came…  It was already dark  and  every one in the barrio  was in deep slumber, including  the men who were working for the businessman-except  for his one particular hardworking  fellow.

He would work overtime  without pay, clearing  the construction site,  digging up the dirt, boulders, and a lot of  tree  trunks. It was around 2 o’clock in the morning. As he was  about to descend from the tractor, he froze stiff at his post when a  floating coffin lunged  towards  his tractor was sliding  down the mountain  at  a high speed carrying only him, like  someone or something was pushing  it.

It couldn’t  be the wind  for the tractor wasn’t at the edge  of the mountain! And  it was too heavy to be blown away.  People from their houses heard  an explosion and went  out to see what  went wrong.  The old solitary man went out  as well and confronted the onlookers to narrate the horrific incident.

He saw  everything  from the coffin to the deafening explosion.  “That’s what I’m trying  to tell them about.  They wouldn’t  listen and for that,  such consequences as this will they endure,” uttered  the old man.

When the news reached the  businessman, he simply ignored it and  ordered  some of his henchmen to send his respects for the poor worker’ family.  His name  continued  on everyday with their work and in some  of those days, one or three of his men  just died or  vanished  suddenly  without notice.

The old man witnessed all of these mysterious events  but he just  decided  not to tell anyone  what he really felt or  knew about  it.  The businessman after hearing  the series  of news went furiously to the old  man’s house to talk regarding he chain of his men’s deaths  and disappears.

To his  surprise, he saw the  old man’s corpse sprawled in the floor of his house.  It was deeply  scratched  and its face contorted  as if it was in deep pain.  There was  blood all over the  place. And so he hurriedly went out  and saw the  townspeople outside gossiping,  probably about the deaths of the construction workers.

He immediately went down the steep mountain road and allof a sudden he  tripped.  He tumbled  down the  rocky path,  leaving blood  trails  as he fell.  He never got  rescued in time.  Hours later,  some concerned  townsfolk  brought him to a  hospital  several miles  away from  their barrio.  The businessman died from  severe external  hemorrhage and multiple brain hematoma.

Who or  what could’ve  killed the poor old man who  was living in  the mountains  for decades and what could have  been the motive? How did the businessman fall from  the mountain  when he was  walking  carefully downward? Could  an engkanto or an evil entity tripped  or pushed  him intentionally? These questions have been puzzling the minds of the  townspeople.  No one ever dared  to know the truth behind  the events.

Now, the mountains  are clear  of structures of construction  of anykind. It now  stays  in peace and no one dared to  venture the cursed abode  of the malevolent entity  again.

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