“Mom, Please”

My daughters, Mildred Crow, died on June 11, 1963 at 1:50  A.M. I did not  have the money to attend her funeral in Texas  and remained at my home in Vienna, Ohio. At 10:00 P.M. on July 19, a little more than a month after  Mildred died, I was setting down to sleep when I felt someone sit down on my bed.

I turned to see if  it was my sick husband wanting something and I saw Mildred sitting  there,  on the  edge of my bed!

She said, “Mom, go to the  doctor.”

I told her, “Honey, I am all right. I don’t  need a doctor.” Mildred left but she came again the next night. She  insisted that I see the doctor. Again, I told her that I didn’t need the doctor.

The third night she reappeared saying,” Mom, please.  See Doctor Bill before it is too late!” I promised my daughter that I would see  our family doctor, whose name is Bill,  in the morning.

He sent me  right to the hospital for emergency treatment  for diabetes, He said that if  I had delayed seeing him one  more week it would have  been too late to do anything but make  me comfortable until the end. I love my daughter and find she is  closer to me now than she was before.

Florence Ague

Tice, Florida

September 1965

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