By: Felix Rey Bueta

A few weeks after super storm Milenyo, I decided to transfer to Men’s dorm because my dorm in the upper campus, MAREHA, still had no electricity since the storm.

When I checked in, I was given a room at the unit 4, 2nd flr of Men’s dorm (The room with a tainted window pane). This might have happened during a weekend because when I went up to the room, my roommates weren’t there. It was already night time so the first thing I did was to pick a bed to sleep on. There were four beds, but only three had mattresses.

I assumed that the mattresses were already provided, so I chose from one of the three and picked the lower bed at the far side of the room. I laid down my things and turned off the lights, but as I was about to go to sleep, the bed suddenly started shaking in every direction. It was shaking so violently that I thought there was an earthquake.

So I sat up and looked around the room, everything else seemed undisturbed except for the bed which was still shaking voilently. When the bed stopped shaking (I was still sitting on it), I looked under it to check if it was just some person playing a prank on me –but no one was there and I later realized that even I couldn’t move the bed since it was fixed to the wall.

I then hypothesized that it could be caused by my next-room neighbors since the beds of adjacent rooms might be connected. I went to their room, knocked and when I opened the door, saw that they were just sitting or lying idly in their own beds. I asked nicely if they were jumping about in their beds or if they felt an earthquake a moment ago, and both questions were, as predicted, answered with a no.

As I went back to my room, I was thinking of other rational explanations as to why only my bed was shaking. Then I realized (which was a bit of common sense really) that when they built the rooms, they wouldn’t have made holes in the walls just to fix the beds on it, of course the bed would have just been bonded to the wall, so it couldn’t have been the neighbors at all. Also, they didn’t feel an earthquake at all.

It became clearer and clearer that what happened a moment ago was something that was very unreasonable, illogical, improbable –impossible. It would’ve been a lot better and easier to explain if it was just a door closing or a mirror falling, but a bed that shakes? A bed fixed to the wall that would shake violently in all directions?

Running out of plausible explanations, I was finally forced to accept that lingering thought which I’ve been trying to dismiss – it had to be a poltergeist.

I went back to my room, turned off the lights and sat again on the bed. I looked around as I called out to thin air, “Sino ka?” repeated this a few times and waited silently for any kind of response. No one answered. I went to sleep and the incident never happened again.

I found out the next day that the bed I had slept on was my roommates’ and the mattresses were not provided by the dorm.

P.S. Up until now, I haven’t heard of a similar incident happening in Men’s dorm. If anyone who reads this knows someone who had stayed or is staying in that room, let me know if someone answers.

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