Meeting after Death

My son  Richard, who had an intense interest in the psychic  world,  died of a massive stroke on April 3, 1985, and was  buried one week  later. Normally this ends the story of a   dead person.

But this story really starts twenty later on  the  evening of December 3, 1986. Frank Brown (pseudonym), a friend  and  childhood playmate of my son’s called  from  Downey, California,  to say he was  planning to visit a relative near El Paso, Texas, and wondered if he I could visit me  as well. He said he had gotten my phone number from  Richard- in the month of December 1985!

I said that was impossible, that Richard had died almost two years  earlier. Frank insisted he met Richard in Downey in  December 1985 and they went to a small cafe.

They  talked  for about an hour, during which Richard gave Frank  accurate information about me, my phone number, and  Richard’s last address. Frank  was certain about the date of  the meeting.

I checked the address that Richard had given  Frank. It   was the same as the last one I had for Richard before he died; the Phone number he used  there was also  accurate. Frank didn’t know Richard was dead until I told him so.

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