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Mang Dunlei

By Crisostomo Ibarra WP

I was indeed a hard-headed little boy when I was In the age of 10. I usually pull pranks that scare the hell out of every people around me. It was then around 10 or 11 o’clock in the evening of a cold night in December. It was actually my neighbor’s ‘last night’.

Being innocent I thought of something i think funny. I get a stick with me then open the window of my neighbor where there’s the ‘padasal’ Before the burial . I get to open it with myself and tried to reach the switch of the lights inside that room.

Being a child. I played with it. Switch off.switch on.repeating it all over again.thinking it was funny. And wolla! It scared all the old women inside the house. ‘Hahaha they thought it was mang Dunlei ‘ I laughed and laughed not until I saw something on the ground beside me.

A pair of feet. With some veins helling out from it. It was barefooted. Goosebumps . ” I don’t like anyone fooling around my house. Get out ! ” A voice whispers I wanted to scream until I lose my voice yet nothing comes out from my mouth. It feels like something is inside my throat stopping me.

Then I fainted. All were black. I woke up with a heavy feeling . “Miggy what happened to you? Are you the one who played a prank on us son?” asked my mom ” Yes mom. But I saw Mang Dunlei. He’s there. He told me to stay away from his house and stop fooling around. What really happened to him ? ” People sorrounded me. “I saw him barefooted. He whispered on my ear. Then I fainted” ” He died on the river.

No one knows where he is. Not until his feet where seen in the riverside with a tape pooling with blood. They thought it was cutted of with some rebels from the mountain.

He was found because of the slippers that lead them off to him. Then when I looked up at the ceiling I saw feet. Walking invertedly. Just feet. It was walking with blood soaking it.The blood drew words saying ” HELP. ” I was stunned.

I thought playing around was always fun not until I learned about unexplainable spooky things. Im too young to know what should I do .So I just forget about it. But up til now. It chases me. It haunts me on my dreams.

His seeking for my help yet I dont give justice to his death. I dont expect that my childhood would be this Tormenting and scary. I fool around and played and all Ive got is a heavy heart full of torture and a conscience-bugging memories. All just because of my curious-Mind and my naughtiness if there’s such a word.

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