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By: Aya Paredes

My neighbor Jenna-got pregnant by a boyfriend and is now on  her seventh month of pregnancy-claims she encountered an eerie  experience a few months ago.

It was November last year when she  found out that she  was pregnant. When  she told her boyfriend, he abandoned her,  ran away from his  responsibility. She was  understandably devastated as she was  just on  her third  year in college. Worse, second semester had just began. What she  feared most was how to break the news to her family, especially  her father. The news  will surely break her  father’s heart knowing  that he has worked so hard just to send her to college. For sure  she will be disowned by her family. Worse,  that baby’s father dumped  her. If  ever,  she’d have nowhere to go.

Because of all her  mounting fears, she kept  her pregnancy hidden from her family. Only a few  close friends knew about her condition.  She was in a dilemma.  She can keep the baby and risked being  disowned  by her family, quit school,   and look for a job to support herself and the  baby.  Or she  can have the baby aborted and resume her life.  The latter option surely sounded more appealing to Jenna that she  chose  to get rid of the baby.  The next day, she took an abortive. She suffered stomach  cramps but  nothing more.  The baby was not aborted.  Then she went to a manghihilot. The manghihilot tried to abort the baby but she  also failed.  Desperate to get rid of the baby, she went to a doctor who,  she was told, performed an abortion on a number of unwed pregnant girls. She  found the abortionist after asking around discreetly.  She immediately  set an appointment to get rid  of her problem as soon as she can. There was nothing that can  change her mind.  The night before her scheduled abortion,  Jenna suddenly woke up,  cold. She was  shivering. She checked her bedside digital clock. It was 3  a.m. She always sleeps with her  lights off so she decided to get up  and  turn on  the lights and check why the room felt cold and  damp.   When  her feet  touched the floor, she was  surprised to find  out that  the floor was wet. There was water or something liquid on the floor. She  reached for her lampshade and turned it on. She almost fainted when  she saw blood dripping from her blanket to the floor.  She half-screamed  when she found out that the blood was flowing from her tummy. Did she  just had a miscarriage? Basing from what she saw on the floor, she had  lost so much blood that if she wouldn’t be rushed to a hospital soon,  she might end up not just losing her baby but also her life.  She panicked.  She felt numb all over.   Then she heard a voice.   It sounded like it was coming from the pits of the earth.  She then  saw a young woman dressed in a night gown.  Her face was covered by a mess of a long black hair.  She was soaking with  blood.  Then something caught Jenna’s eyes. The woman was holding  a baby. Something about the baby caught  Jenna’s eyes and heart.  She  knew instantly that it was  hers! The blood-soaked woman was  holding  her baby!  “T-that’s my baby!”cried Jenna. “Not anymore! He’s mine. Aren’t you planning to get rid  of him anyway?” said the woman in angry tone. Jenna could feel anguish and pain coming from the woman.  Jenna knew the woman  was a ghost.  Looking at her inside Jenna’s dimly lit room,  the woman appeared like she was  a hologram.  Yet the baby she was  carrying  seemed very real. Something inside Jenna realized she loved her baby.  Seeing her  baby in  the arms of this ghost made her realize that.  She wanted her baby back.  He’s my baby! Please bring him back to me!” Jenna pleaded. She  tried to get up, but due to blood loss, she could barely lift a finger. She  was so tired and weak. The woman  only smiled at her. “You’ll kill him anyway.  My baby Isaiah,”  the ghost said  while  lovingly  staring at the baby.  She was caressing the baby’s  head. “No, I won’t. I promise! Please bring him back to me! Please. He’s  my baby!”Jenna started to cry. She wanted to hold her baby. If she were  going to die, she wanted to die holding her own child.  “Don’t you realize how lucky you are? I’ve spent  my life trying to  have a child.  And when I finally conceived, my baby died inside my tummy. My poor baby Isaiah. He didn’t even had a chance to see the  world. So  I killed myself just to be with my baby. But I’ve been in the  pits of hell and out,  but I still  couldn’t find my Isaiah. Now, I’m taking  your baby. You hate him anyway. I’ll bring him with  me in hell!” the  ghost snarled. “Nooo! Not my baby. I promise I’ll let him live. I promise I’ll do  anything to protect him.  Just please give me  back my baby! Please!” Jenna was pleading for her life and her baby’s.

The blood-soaked  ghost seemed hesitant at first until Jenna reasoned out that the ghost was also once a mother. The ghost approached Jenna’s  bed,  stood in front of her and handed her baby. Then the ghost  suddenly disappeared.  Jenna broke down and held  her baby as tight as  she could.  She wasn’t going to take away his life. She’d do anything to protect her baby. It was then that she lost consciousness, still holding her baby tightly.

Jenna came around a few hours after. She instinctively  felt her tummy. The baby still inside, she could tell. She  sighed in relief. No one’s going  to take her baby.  Even her  worst nightmare won’t

She then decided to tell her family about the baby that day.  Jenna’s  pretty sure they’d understand. What made her heart skip  once again was  when she got up from bed,  she saw something written with blood on her  wall: Isaiah: Jenna offered a small prayer to the relentless soul of the woman.   Now, she back in her parents’ house. They welcomed her and the  child inside her into their fold. She’d go back  to school  to finish her  studies as soon as she gives birth.  Until now,  she couldn’t forget  the ghost of the woman who saved her baby  from being aborted.

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