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By: Kageroshi

I never had much  paranormal experience to speak of. Every time  I experience something strange, it would  always feel so surreal that I  would have a hard time convincing  myself that it was true, and most  of  the time it was so trivial that it’s not even worth mentioning.  But this  particular story  holds a significance to me, and I really want to share this  to help  a certain someone finally find her peace.  Her name was Liza.

I never  knew her personally but I first heard  of her back in 2006 when I, Yasmin, Archie, and other members of the  messageboard I frequented decided to have a meet up in Megamall. I do  not quite remember who  brought up the topic of the haunted audio file  but we all ended up listening to a girl singing Avril Lavigne’s songs.

It  was supposed  to have been recorded in a room in an unnamed hospital  in Manila,  and the girl was supposed to be alone in the room,  apart from  the sleeping patient  inside.  As we listened we all  thought that it was boring, but then I  felt goosebumps all over me. We heard a disembodied  voice in the background, asking for help. It was saying, “Tulungan  mo ako…..Tulungan mo ako….

Throughout all that,  the girl who recorded the file just kept on singing, oblivious to the voice. It was  really  creepy. We all  got  scared.  However, after we have  discussed it,  we soon  forgot all about it.  As for me, I tried  listening  to it again, but I was apprehensive in hearing  that creepy  disembodied voice.

That audio file was left  stored, forgotten in my cellphone for months. It was until  I heard  talks of it again that my interest in it was renewed. I remembered reading  in a thread  in the boards that something  freaky happened in another  members meet  up and  that it concerned the haunted audio  file.

By then,  I had the copy  in my cellphone’s memory card erased, though I had  a backup stored  in my PC’s hard drive. I had  half  a mind  to try it out  but I never got the  courage to do so.  When I did, it was one hell of an experience.

It was a warm and slow Monday afternoon.  I admit I did it all out of  boredom and morbid curiosity. I was thinking that it could not happen  to me since I wasn’t  in the meet up,  and besides, what would  happen to  me since I wasn’t in the  meet up,  and besides, what would happen to  me from  just listening to an old  recording? So I tried  to play it. It  would  not play at all. Guess my player didn’t support amr files. So  I looked up  and downloaded a software and used  it to open the file. When It  finally  played,  there was nothing amiss about it.  When I was  about to  close it that’s when I heard it: “Iniwan mo ako…. Iniwan mo ako….”

I just froze. When I finally snapped out of it.  I quickly closed the  application and thought about what happened. I posted  a message  on the boards and IMd Archie and Yasmin. My six-month-old daughter  who was in the same room with me cried suddenly.  So I picked  her up  to console her. That was when I knew we were no longer alone in the room.” She ” was there. I could  feel her.  I could almost see her.

She was standing  at the doorway looking at me  and my daughter sitting in front of my PC. She was  a slight woman, pale with dark eyes. She seemed to be mouthing something,  and she was coming for us. But  then something stopped her from approaching. That was when I saw my familiars; Three cats with black and red patterns on their fur. Theybarred her way,  keeping her quiet  and at bay.  It was then  that I asked  Archie what I should do.

He said to apologize to her and pray for her.  And so did, I closed my eyes and apologized for disturbing her. I then  asked another of my familiars, Alab, to take her to wherever it was that  she needed to go.  Alab took the woman’s hand but not before she placed  her hand on my head. I felt goosebumps  all over me and that was when I knew who she was. Her name was Liza and she was lost, looking   for  help. After she’d gone,  I felt a sadness wash over me.  It wasn’t  mine  at all; it was Liza’s.

She left  part of her  memory behind to me.  It was  all fuzzy and I could barely  remember any of it. Yet it all felt so heavy  inside and it was all  I could to keep from being washed away from all  that grief, so I cried. I deleted the audio file after that. I told  Archie and Yasmin about what  happened.

It all felt so unreal somehow that it could  not have happened to me at all.  But it did. And I was lucky that I had my familiars looking  out for me  and that nothing  else happened; that nothing  bad happened.  Maybe after this she won’t be back again.  Maybe after I deleted her file,  she’d be at peace.

I talked  to Yasmin  about it  and we thought that  we should  warm all  the people that we know who had a copy  of Liza’s  plea to delete the recording so that she won’t  haunt anymore, so that she’d find peace. And we only know so few who  had a copy of that file. If you have a  copy of this file, please don’t even try to listen to it. Please. I ask  you to  delete it right away. Let Liza find her peace.

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