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By rorouni_kenshino11

I’m not from Baguio City. I’m  from Makati City. What I am about to share with you is about my spooky sad encounter  that happened years ago.  I was a student in one of the Universities in Baguio. I had a realli nice best friend who had always been there for me. We did everything together-we laughed  and we cried together.

We were each other’s comfort during trying times. We were like brothers and sisters, inseparable.  Her name was Suzy. She was  pretty but very shy. She did not have many friends  because she was a loner. The truth was,  I was her only friend.

After one year ago. After one year of being close to her, I came to learn  that she was  from a rich but broken family. She never told me about it. I just found out it when I went to her place for her brother’s wedding.

During our final semester,  her mother bought her a brand-new Mercedes Benz,  At first, she was embarassed to drive around the campus with a fancy ride but after  a  while she got used to it.  One day,  I told her that I was going home to Makati and stay there for a long time because my parents were having marital problems and I wanted to  be there, being  their only son.

She said she’s going to miss me so much. I told her that  she can come with me but she said  she couldn’t. After our final exams, I packed up my  things and went home to Makati.  That night,  I remembered how Suzy was crying hard when she said goodbye to me.

I knew it would be  hard to  say goodbye but I told her that it wasn’t the end of our friendship.  I also told her I’d be seeing her during our convocation.  I told Suzy that when  I’m done with my family’s problem, I would go back to Baguio and maybe just stay there  for good.  But she  said she might not be around that time.  I just laughed this off. Suzy is a very emotional person and  she has the tendency to be too emotional in handling situations.

A week passed and as I was about to go to bed, I remembered that I haven’t  called  Suzy in days. I had been so busy with my own affairs that I completely forgot  to check on her. She must be mad at me now. I thought as I dialed her mobile number.

On  the third ring, someone picked up. It was Suzy but her voice was strange. I asked her  how she had been doing. She said that she missed me so much and  scolded me for not calling her  for a week.  Then suddenly I felt a cold hand touching my back.  It was very cold as  if my  back was drenched in ice water. I got goosebumps all over my body. I tried to turn over but couldn’t move.

Then I heard a voice, “Goodbye Aldrin. Take care and I love you.” It  was Suzy’s  voice but it wasn’t coming from the phone. It sounded like  she was just in  the room with me! Then I felt someone kiss my cheek.

It was a cold kiss but that kiss  touched my heart and made me cry. Suzy’s line went dead. I tried calling her back and  relay what had just transpired but  she couldn’t reached anymore. I quickly got up from my  bed and  ran to my parent’s room and spent the night there. The next morning. I called Suzy’s cell phone. I couldn’t get through.

Then I dialed her home number.  A man picked up. I asked for Suzy. After  a short hesitation, the man asked who I was. When Identified myself, the guy suddenly  broke down. He is Suzy’s brother and he recognized me as the friend Suzy brought to his wedding.  I got the shock of my life when he said that Suzy died in a car accident a week ago.

She was  drunk and met her tragic death one night in a  sharp curve near their house.  I started to cry when I told her brother that I called her last night and was able  to talk to her. He was shocked  at this news  saying that it couldn’t have been his sister. Her mobile phone went with her in the grave along with other personal  possessions.

Suzy’s brother told me that they tried to call me about the incident but they   did not know where to reach me. I just cried as I talked to him and  told him how much  I missed Suzy. He told me that Suzy really loved me. I quickly ended out conversation because of the pain I was feeling. I said goodbye to Suzy’s brother.

After our conversation I cried and cried in my room. Suddenly, I felt a kiss on my check and heard a voice  carried by the wind, “Don’t cry Aldrin. You know I’ll always be by your side. I love you.”

After that, I cried a river. The pain I was feeling was almost physical, piercing  through my heart. I passed out and when  I regained consciousness,  I saw my mom in my room, holding me, trying to comfort me.

That night,  I reread all the letters Suzy gave  me. As I read through the letters, I imagined Suzy beside me,  reciting the very words she wrote to me.  As I almost done rereading the letters, I felt like someone hugging me, giving comfor, I finished what I was reading and I was shocked because I  saw that the letter I was holding was dated the day Suzy died. I knew then that I was in her thoughts even in her dying moment.

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