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By  Jherry L.  Barrinuevo

Satan was not the only angel ! God  kicked  out of heaven for his rebellion.  Legions of fallen angels  went with  him when he fell to earth.  All of them cursed  to spend  eternity in hell. never to return to heaven.

But for now, they roam the earth like  hungry lions waiting  for someone to  devour. Many  of us can’t see  them,  but some,  those who are  gifted  ( or cursed), can.  One of them is Anthony.

Anthony not only “sees” and  feels” ghosts, he can even talk to him. His so-called  third eye was opened  when he joined  a bunch of clairvoyants in a drive to the  unknown. This is his story:

Anthony  is a member  of an organization in Sto.  Domingo in Quezon Avenue. He is also  a teacher at one of the famous  Catholic  schools in Quezon City. He’s had numerous  experiences  with ghosts  and the supernatural. He started  by feeling their presence  and eventually he was able  to see them.  He said that an incident  with his  friends who are also clairvoyants opened his third eye.

This happened when he went to the house of Tony, one of his friends who is  also a member of the organization in Sto. Domingo. Tony lives  in New Manila  (corner of  Gilmore  and 10th Street), near the old  ware warehouse of Crispa.

But the odd thing was that  even though his friend owns a big old  mansion in the area,  his family doesn’t  live in it. “They do not use the big old  mansion,  they just use the smaller space outside  the spooky  house.  I don’t  know why  they refuse to live in  the big house. Neither does  he,  apparently, “Anthony narrated.

Anthony  said they  would bring Tony home  after meeting of activities, especially  when it the activities end late.  They would  all pile up  in another  friend’s car  and  drive all the way  to Gilmore  from Quezon Ave. ( Where they held their  meetings) to drop him off.  Within this group   are three people,  two female members and the owner of the car,  who have the ability to sense the supernatural.

One time, as they  were about  to drop  Tony off, the girls,  who could  sense  something was amiss, didn’t  want to alight  from the car. “Excuse me, bababa na ako  ( I’m getting off here), ” said Tony, who was  squashed  in the middle of the girls.  “Shh… don’t make  too much noise. We might disturb them, “Maria, one of  the girls,  said in an undertone.  “What?  WHo?” the others asked curiously, for they could see  no one in the dark yard.

The whole  area was  cloaked in darkness. The only  feeble  light came  from a lamp post two houses down the block.

” Can’t  you not see them” Anna whispered  urgently. “Ghost!  They’re everywhere!”

“Who,  Anthony  asked again, goosebumps breaking out all over his  body.  “There’s one on Patrick (the driver’s) left over by the  fence,  another on your right on the other side of the road … and there are  several just  waiting inside the gate! oh no, they’re  all slipping through. They’re moving towards us!” they shrieked. “Go, go, go!” they all shouted  at Patrick.

Patrick stepped on the gas  and fled  the scene.  When they had reached  a safe  distance,  Patrick  stopped the car.  Everyone started  laughing over how  childishly they behaved. “What was  that all about Tony?” They asked.  “Beats me,” he shrugged.

After a while, they started ribbing each other  over who was  scared the most.  Soon enough, the ribbing  turned into dares.  “Let’s go back and see  if our “friends” are still there,” Patrick dared his  friends.

“Sige ba (Sure),” said Anthony, not wanting  to admit  he still had the shivers.  Although they were scared silly,  they decided to drive around  just to  get some  thrill. They  drove from Balete Drive to Dona Juana  Rodriguez, to Gilmore, and all the  other side  streets, all the way to Lantana.

As they were cruising past these  notoriously haunted  areas, Anthony  began  noticing things- shadows that lurked in the dark corners of the streets, ghostly images  that shimmered  and vanished  into thin air when he  turned to look  directly  at them.

“I started  seeing  ghosts  and other elementals in the area.I could not see the  spirits physically, but I could sense them, much like  (the comicbook hero)  Daredevil, I could almost  sense how they look, their ‘expressions’ and everything,”  Anthony recalls. Anthony said he could see  spirits peering  through the windows of some of the  old houses, or beside  the road,  under some of the big trees lining the streets.

But it was in Lantana (the road going to the Mowelfund complex) where they  had the most chilling experience.

“We saw a lot of spirits on the road. Somehow we knew they were not  ghosts  but elements (Kapres,  dwarfs,  etc). They all gathered towards the middle of the road,  as if  to block us, “Anthony recalled.

Patrick slowed down the car,  but this  was a  mistake. As soon as the car reached  the junction where the  elementals had gathered, it stopped!

Patrick tried to step on the gas pedal,  but the car wouldn’t  budget! It was stuck  in the middle of the road.

“They’re coming for us!” Anna screamed.

Sure enough, the elements began  shuffling towards the car,  surrounding it.  Everyone screamed as the car began to rock side to side.  The spirits were shaking the car! Patrick tried to  steer the car away, but he couldn’t control the wheel. ” AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Anna vented a blood curling scream.

Turning to look,  the others nearly fainted. Inches from Anna’s  face, separated  only by the glass window,  was the distorted face of an elemental, its red eyes blazing and its  forked tongue licking at the glass.  “Aaauuuggghhh,”Anna screamed once more before failing into a dead faint. As the  others tried to  revive her,  Patrick tried to turn the car around to go back  where they came.

“But even though we were able  to turn down the  side  streets,  we would always somehow  find ourselves  back where we started,” Anthony recounted.

The group decided to pray hard while Patrick stepped on the gas  and rammed  right through the phalanx  of ghosts and elementals  to escape. “We knew it was a risky  move to go right through them,  but we’d already tried  everything and we couldn’t get away from that spot,”said Anthony. The ploy worked  as they managed  to break free of the ghostly stranglehold  and sped out of the area.

By then  it was early morning. They’d  been stuck  in Lantana  for three hours! When she came about, Anna related  that she  felt something squeezing her tighter and tighter, like a vise. Then she  lost consciousness.

Patrick said he  felt like someone else was  holding the steering wheel. Anthony described  what he saw and all  of them  said they saw the same thing!

After  dropping  Tony off (it was nowdaylight and safe to go back to his house),

They all went home  and swore  never to go  joyriding in  New Manila  again! From then on  Anthony  could not  only feel,  but also see ghosts.

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