By Kuniko Nakamura

I’m Kuniko  Nakamura, a Japanese national with a cousin here in the Philippines . I also  have a special talent -seeing what ordinary eyes don’t see. When I first visited  the Philippineson May 20, 2003, I met my cousin for the first time.

She brought me to Baguio and I was amazed at the beautiful scenery.  We went back home on May 25,  and we  arrived at my cousin’s house past midnight. We were  so tired from the trip that we all quickly fell asleep.  At around 1 a.m. ,. I felt someone waking me up. “Let me sleep, ” I moaned. “I’m tired.”

Suddenly, I heard the sound of a crying girl. “What are you on about?” I asked.  I stood up and opened my eyes, and my hair  stood on end when I saw young girl right in front of me! She no eyeballs, her long hair covered her body, her face was white and covered with blood,  and her body had many holes.

I was so scared that I couldn’t move at all! She was walking towards me, closer  and closer. And then  she went right through me! I remember fainting and waking up the  next morning. In the morning, I told my cousin what happened.

She told me, “That girl was Mary and she used to live here. She was murdered, and she died  in  your bedroom.” After that incident. I went back  to Japan. Also, my cousin moved to a new house.

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