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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / HIS SISTER’S BED


 By  C.P.  Cabrera

At 17, Paul was  at the peak of his  heatlh.  He exercised daily and  did weights to  bulk up his  body.  He practiced his  backetball skills  often,  making him  good enough to  join his  school  batch’s team in the ongoing alumni  basketball tournament.

One sunday, Paul came home sweaty and tired  from the basketball game. His team had lost, failing  to qualify for  the championship match.  They gave  their all but it  wasn’t  good enough.  After the heartbreaking  loss,  Paul declined his teammates’ invitation to hang out.

He decided instead to just go home  and relax the rest of the day.  Besides, he still  had to  study for his  algebra exam the following day.  Paul lived with his parents  and two sisters in a modest two-story house in a  private subdivision.

His parents were able to provide their children with quality education  and a comfortable  home.  Paul had a room  to himself  while his younger  sisters had  another.  They share a connecting bath.

That morning,  Paul discovered a workman was installing new windows in his  room. Paul  had been bugging his parents about getting someone to fix his rusty windows before the rainy season started. In his attempts to pull them closed, he had  already managed to break several of the hinges.

Paul took a quick shower to  wash off the grime and sweat from his body. Seeing that the workman hadn’t  finished, Paul lay down on a bed in his  sister’s room.  He tried to keep awake but was unable to keep his open.  Just a quick nap, he  thought.

After what  seemed like 30 minutes, Paul woke up. He had  this feeling that he  was tied  down to the bed and  couldn’t move. As his eyes came into focus, he saw a  female figure floating a foot above him. At first  he thought it was his sister, Penny, scaring him for sleeping on her bed.

But the figure was old and  had long flowing black their  with streaks of white.  And he just  knew that she was floating. He tried to scream but he  couldn’t open his mouth  or get his vocal chords to work.

The female figure looked him up  and down,  her gaze taking in every detail of  his body. as if weighing  him like a piece of meat. After what seemed like an hour of bearing the female’s stare, she suddenly  disappeared.

One second  she was  there and in the next blink she was gone. Much to  Paul’s relief,  he could move again. He shot out of bed  and ran to his  room,  surprising the workman that was still working  on his windows.

Recovering from his fright, Paul went  around the  house looking  for the woman.  He interviewed the household  help but  they hadn’t  seen anyone fitting her description. Unsure whether he had just  dreamt it all,  Paul looked  for his  sisters  or his mother to verify their whereabouts.

They might be playing  a trick on me,  he thought . But they weren’t in the house; they had  been gone since early morning and weren’t  coming home until dinner time.

Who was  that woman? Paul  thought. He busied himself with his  homework and  played a few games on his  playstation to take his mind off what happened. When the rest  of his family got home, Penny pulled  hime to one side. “You’ve  been in my room,  haven’t  you?” she said.

“Huh? How did you know?Paul asked, perplexed.  “Never mind how  I know. Just  don’t enter  my room without  permission again,  okay?” said Penny as she walked away, not even  waiting for Paul  to answer.

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