By  Renante Bolo

When I was still in  Grade 4, my friends and I played hide-and-seek  on the night of November 1, 1994. My parents didn’t  want me  playing at night,  but that day they weren’t home  because they were staying  the night visiting my uncle’s grave at the Libingan  Ng Mga  Bayani. Playing  hide and seek at  night is so much fun; no one can see you running  and hiding in different  places.

That night, we played  until it was almost midnight. The  deeper the night,  the darker the surroundings, the better the game,  especially when  someone starts scaring  the others. “Lagot, paglingon mo mamaya may white lady sa  likod mo (Beware, when you look  later there might be a white lady behind you),” they would say. I was scared but I ignored their teasing  as I was having so much fun.

I usually hid behind  a parked  car near the  “it” because it was easy  to run to  home base. When one of my friends noticed this,  she said, “Ang  dugas  mo naman,  lagi  ka na lang diyan nagtatago. Maghanap ka naman ng ibang pagtataguan (You’re cheating, you always hide there. Look for another  hiding place, will you).”

I laughed and said, ” Sige na nga,  sa iba na lang ako  magtatago (Okay, okay,  I’ll hide somewhere else).”

I couldn’t find a new hiding place because all the good  ones  were taken. Just  as time was about to expire,  I hid by the  creek. I silently laughed,  thinking that it was a  good hiding place. Suddenly,  I felt a cold  wind blowing against my back.

I shivered from the cold  and I was  starting to feel afraid, but I had to stick to the game.  When the cold  wind  blew again, I noticed something in the water. At first I  thought It was a piece of trash but I saw  it move. It turned out to be a  floating woman,  and she  turned  her head  and looked  straight at me!

I bolted  and ran home.  I would only learn the next morning  that several of my  friends had also seen the  white lady.  We never played  hide and  seek at  night from  then on.

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