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By: Joel P. Salud

The fourth floor science  laboratory of this old and prestigious university  in Manila is known for its numerous  ghostly apparitions.  More than a hundred  and one ghost stories have centered around that  place  alone, which is probably the most haunted  area in  all of the  schools in that area. Through  the years, a number of eye  witnesses had sworn they have seen something  or someone  that’s not supposed to be there  in that part  of the Science  Building.  It’s  the oldest  known building in the school grounds, dating back  more than 200 years.

One eerie story was related by a Psychology  major students  who spent a little  more time inside one of the laboratory classrooms at the fourth floor after class hours. It was eight o’clock in the evening of July 1983.   The rains  were pounding on the pavement with claps of thunder and lighting.

The whole junior  college class was already dismissed, and Jenna, together with  her teacher Ms.  Alvarado (not their real names), stayed behind for further tutoring in Comparative  Anatomy.

Jenna was preparing the slides for the microscopes when a figure, which she  described  as pale  white and  reddish, started to float and passed the classroom door.  She thought  she was just tired and probably seeing things,  having been in  school  for more than 15 hours already.  But just as she was about to  dismiss it as a  hallucination,  a shimmering yet faint  figure of a young  woman appeared once more to float slowly  from one end of the  room to the other,  passing through the wall where the animal  specimens were kept.  Jenna glanced surreptitiously at Ms. Alvarado to see if by any chance the teacher saw  the apparition.

But the  instructor  was still  looking into  the microscope, apparently, the teacher was oblivious to what was  transpiring  around her.  Jenna tried hard to get the image out of her mind as she continued preparing the microscope slides, but it kept playing in her head like a worn-out record. The apparition was ashen white, not quite corporeal yet clear enough to be  seen from where  she was standing. It moved slowly,  she recalled, as if it  was being   dragged by a rope, had torn clothes, or what looked  like clothes, its skirt   and feet dangled above the pavement.

She and her classmates had heard a lot of  ghost stories about the science lab but she never  thought  she wound  actually  see one.  Finally, she couldn’t stand it  any longer,  she had to tell Ms. Alvarado about  what she saw or else she would burst.  Having made  the decision, she looked  up to see  where Miss Alvarado  was, and  nearly jumped out of her  skin. THERE, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER WAS THE GHOST!!!! The woman wore a  tattered  white blouse  and skirt. It stood before  her,  feet floating an inch or  so above the ground. She  had misty eyes  that looked  back  at her  sadly.  But what riveted  Jenna to her was  her mouth, WHICH WAS WIDE  OPEN  AND SPOUTING BLOOD. AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Out  of sheer fright, Jenna suddenly dropped the slides  and the  specimens  and   screamed.  She  shut  her eyes to avoid the deathly  stare of the apparition, but then  she felt  something cold touch her shoulder.  This  prompted her  to shout louder.  Then she felt  someone shaking her shoulders and asking her to  stop  shouting  it was only Ms. Alvarado trying  to comfort  her.

Jenna asked if the professor  left the  room a while  ago.  The professor swore to  Jenna she never  left. Jenna related to the  professor  what had happened. Ms Alvarado  said it was  a common occurence in  the fourth floor to see either  the ghostly image of a  priest  without its head or a woman whose clothes were torn flitting from  room to room.  Many of the janitors have witnessed the apparitions which begin at around  eighto’clock and last till about  midnight. The apparition occur,  more often than not, during a thunderstorm. As  far as  I know they still haunt the room to this day.

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