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By: Aya  Andrea  Koji

One  of my old friends  said that everyone has a  third eye, but not everyone has an opened third eye.  I, for one,  never wanted my third  eye to be opened.  I’m always scared that when my  third eye becomes  open. I would instantly see a fleeting image of  a bloodied woman or  a headless priest.  That’s why In never bothered asking my clairvoyant  friend to open  my third eye, even though she kept  on insisting that I  should go on with it. She even that seeing  entities that cannot be  seen by naked eye is so cool.

I saw in one of the books that I have read the steps on how to open  one’s third eye. I tried it for kicks,  thinking that it would never work  anyway.  But ever since that day,  I would always see of feel presence in our house and even in my school. But there was this certain incident that I never forgot  up to thid  day and still brings chills down to spine.  I studied in a local high school during my 3rd and 4th  year as a  high school student. Ghost stories always  circulate around school. A nun walking at night,  a white lady appearing during afternoon classes, but the  scariest in those stories was the evil entity lurking  inside the  Chesmistry lab. During  my midterm exam, my Chemistry teacher decided  to  give us an unusual test, not the usual  one when they hand over test papers. She decided that we shoule  conduct  an experiment.  I’m a sucker  for  Chemistry that’s why I spent  almost all of my  spare  time in the laboratory,  perfecting my experiment. One time, I didn’t  attend my last class in order to conduct a last-minute experimentation in the lab.  With my partner Jamie, we went  inside the lab and started  organizing the necessary tools to be used for  the said experiment.  “Dia (that’s what my close friends call me), I’ll just go to  Ma’am Lopez and ask for a  magnesium ribbon.  I can’t seem to find one in the  shelf,” my partner Jamie said as she looked at me intently, waiting for  my permission.

I nodded and said, ” Just hurry up, Jamie, I can’t do this all alone. And we really need that magnesium ribbon.”

Jamie  walked off and I started the experiment.  A few minutes later,  I started to feel woozy and light- headed. It’s just because of the fumes,  I thought. I didn’t  want to rush the experiment since I was  beginning to  freak out already.  I was hearing  light footsteps behind me. I also could  also hear some shuffling behind me,  as if someone was working behind  me using papers. I remembered  the talks  about an evil entity  residing  inside the  lab.  That was the reason why I didn’t  want to be left alone in  the lab.  I didn’t even bother to look for the source of the weird  sounds . I just  might see a something that I might  regret seeing.  About 10 minutes later, Jamie still didn’t  return with the magnesium  ribbon. Annoyed, I looked  for  a magnesium ribbon inside  the shelf  hoping  that Jamie  just made  a mistake and didn’t  check all the  jars. When  I opened the glass door,  I felt someone touching my shoulder. I turned around thinking that it was Jamie and she already brought the magnesium  ribbon with her.  But I saw  nothing  but air behind me.  I shrugged and  continued looking for the missing  material in our experiment,  but fear  was overtaking my more sensible  self.

“Jamie, where the heck are you? I’m so gonna kill you once you  come back….”I whispered to myself,  trying  to ease my tension. A few  minutes,  more, I gave up waiting. I headed towards the closed  door when  I felt an  invisible force  push me back. I stumbled backwards, looking  bewildered and shocked. I wanted to scream, but I felt my voice deserted  me.  Every ounce of courage I had left me also.  I gulped.   One more time, I tried to reach out for the door,  but someone, or rather something,  was  strangling me from behind.  I couldn’t breathe and I tried prying  away the iron grip  of my captor.  When I broke free, I heard a demonic laugh.

That’s was it, I had enough. That experience made me scamper  away from the room.  I didn’t know that I was already crying. I reached  my History classroom.  My classmates saw my ashen face and I was  shaking.  They gathered  around me,  concerned. I cried. My teacher asked  me what happened and I told him everything.  My Chemistry teacher and Jamie arrived soon enough.  They said  that they saw  the lab really messy.   The chairs were upturned,  some vials and other equipments broken, our  experiment was spilled on the floor.   I  refused to  go back to the lab,  even to retrieve my things. I was  afraid that I might experience it once again.  That’s why  I vowed never  to return to that lab,  over again. But if I really need to do something in  the lab,  I make sure, always make sure,  that i’m never alone.  And I am always the first one to leave the premises.

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