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By: Sharron R. Navera

I belong to a group dealing with paranormal investigations. During my first year, I was invited to guest a hotel located in the heart of Davao City. This story is the true account of what happened which was not reflected on the report. The hotel was undergoing renovation. Not to cause panic among the workers, we posed as interior designers. Even before we flew there, things became extremely unexplainable. The day before my parents went to a wake of my dad’s relative.

I had to attend a pre-departure meeting with my fellow colleagues. I decided to meet my parents at the funeral to go home with them. Heavy rains poured and all roads were flooded. Our car managed to push through the flooded streets of Pureza Street in Sta Mesa. The next day, I was late arriving at the airport due to heavy traffic . About an hour before boarding, I call home. My parents were not there. I was worried.

They dropped me off at the airport and they should have been home by that time. I learned later that the car conked out about a few meters from the airport. As we arrived in Davao, we had a very rough landing. We landed outside the runway. Pilot error. Baggages from the overhead compartment started falling inside the plane. A tire was busted. Me and my colleague, Jay, wondered if those incidents meant anything. Everyone was excited going inside the massive structure. Jay and I stopped in front of the main entrance. We were feeling the same way-it was not a good place to stay for three days.

We went up for the briefing and I felt several eyes were watching our every move. After the briefing, they led us to our respective rooms As I entered my room, I saw a middle-aged man sitting on a chair. He watched my every move. As looked in the mirror, I saw several “residents” inside my room. Two kids, one young female, and three elderly women. I covered the mirror to prevent me to see more entities. I asked them courteously to leave my room for three days. In Jay’s room, in spite of the fact that all lights were on, the room was still gloomy. The other rooms shared the same aura. I paced walked the hallway from end to end.

I heard footsteps following me. I turned around but there was no one behind me. Our quest head asked us to roam the place. I decided to go to the lobby. Everywhere I turned, I could feel eyes on me. Jay and I waited until twilight. We again roamed the building, entities became clearer and their presence became stronger. The lobby became congested with people though all construction workers already vacated the place. Voices started to be heard as the night fell. I tried to decipher each voice but unfortunately, I did not catch a single voice that can be heard clearly. After dinner, we retired to our rooms. The aircon in my room was in full blast, but the temperature was still high. I was sweating. I removed the cover on my mirror and I was a white smoky figure in the corner. It was standing still.

It was close to midnight and I was still watching TV. I kept on seeing entities pacing in my room. The TV would suddenly switch to another channel without me touching the remote. I got pissed off the slept. The next day, we were asked to roam around the whole building again- from the rooftop to the lobby. There was nothing out of the ordinary, until we got down to our rooms. We placed one colleague in a trance, our head questor was present.

After a while, negative emotions overcome the girl on trance. Suddenly she lashed out at us, telling us that the procedure was wrong. I was called by one hotel official to look at her co-employee. She said that the employee has been ill for a month. She’d become nauseated when she is in the hotel. She suffered from headache and sometimes would slip into a trance. Katherine, the employee of the hotel, said that one night, while they were waiting for the delivery of tiles, they noticed a group of people outside of hotel. The guard approached the group, but the people suddenly disappeared.

When the hotel was still in operation before the renovation, complaints about missing items-particularly keys, coins, and sometimes shoes- flooded the front desk. Some also complained about scratches on the wall and faucets suddenly spewing out water. But the main complaint was the depressing environment in the hotel. Even when people would check in high spirits, they would end up depressed and would argue even over small things. Worse, some couple even ended up parting ways after their stay in the hotel. There were also complaints of health issues, headaches, nausea, and sleepiness.

In the evening, some questors proceeded to one part of the building. As we were approaching the structure, a huge crowd of ghosts suddenly marched out from the corner of the pool. There were so many that I called the team again, but they hesitated not believing in what I was telling them. I ran towards the gate of the building, Jay was left behind, he knelt down and started to puke- a sign that there were quite a number of entities surrounding him. On the second night, all of the questors decided to stay in my room. One female questor suddenly became perky- she was asking all sorts of questions, jumped all over the bed, and started to become weird. When her questions became personal , I told them to go to bed.

Scratching sounds on my wall were heard. Then a tuko outside my window let out a sound and I saw a woman reflected on the mirror. I asked about what was happening in the hotel. She just shook her head at me.

She showed me a ritual place on a small hill located at the back of the hotel. Almost all of the townsfolk came to the ritual site for offerings or thanksgiving.
There was no human being sacrificed, the sacredness of the place was protected. Several flora entities also joined in the ritual to thank the people for their offerings. I went down and looked for Katherine. I saw her and asked her about the woman’s message.

She contacted her grandmother and asked her about the legend of the hotel. Her grandmother confirmed the presence of the ritual place. Katherine said that her grandmother claimed she was part of the ritual. The next call Katherine made was for her uncle, a barangay captain in the 70s. He said that when he was young, there were several deaths that occurred and all were related to the construction of the hotel.

The architect of the hotel was ran down by a truck when he was on his way to the construction site, several carpenters fell off the scaffoldings, an electrician was electrocuted on the rooftop. Most of the workers were separated from their wives since they started taking part in the hotel construction. After it was built, a lot of tourists complained about seeing ghosts. An American tourists was also accused of killing his wife on the rooftop after a party. When he was taken to the police station, he had no recollection of what happened.

Katherine’s uncle claimed that everyone who disturbs the place would pay a price-money of life. The next day I told the head questor what I learned, but still he did not believe me and questioned my capabilities. I just told him to keep an open mind. His report was inconclusive.

Katherine said that she will report the things we found out to the management. She still was seeing a lot of entities even after we left. One of the female questors still acted strangely. Most of us ignored her, but when we reached the airport she fell silent, as if nothing happened.

I developed the pictures that we took and saw a weird. fleshly cover on the lead questor’s head. Unfortunately, he died two years after the Davao trip because of the bangungot. Up to this day, we believe that the manner of his death is still related to the spirit questing we have done in Davao.

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