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Home / Filipino Horror Stories / HAUNTED HARDWARE STORE


By  RebelQueen83

One rainy night,  my boyfriend  and I went to our  hardware store to stay and  wait for my brother to fetch me. I had  an extra key so we went inside  to wait. The  3-story hardware store was already close and nobody was around  except for the two of us.

We were bored so we decided to play cards. We checked the cards and found them to  be complete. We played  tong-its, but after  a few rounds,  the cards  went  spooky. All the cards we picked  and put down were all  the same- the seven of spades. We got  really that we  threw the cards away.

It was stil raining  hard outside and we decided to stay in the old master’s  bedroom. We had  already forgotten about the game and I was  really sleepy.  I decided to  take a nap while  my boyfriend stayed  up to watch over me.  A little while later,  my boyfriend woke me and told  me to get up. We went outside and I saw that he was shivering  and looked very scared. I asked him what had happened.

He told me  that when I was sleeping,  he thought  he heard  something  upstairs but he  didn’t mind it  at first.  As the minutes went by, he heard it again and it was coming nearer.  He heard dragging footsteps on the staircase and they  sounded like those  of a big creature  with chains locked around his feet.

That was when he woke me and urged  me to go outside. I was spooked  to hear  what my boyfriend had described  because our workers in the hardware store had  described  the same sound.  Some of them  had even  quit their jobs  because of it.  There was  another case  when my friends and I stayed  there for a project.  It was  later and all  we had  were instant  noodles.

While cooking  the instant noodle, I excused  myself for a quick pee in  the bathroom. My friends were so afraid  that they followed me  wherever I went.  But when I returned, I saw them  holding hands in  the kitchen, slowly  going around the gas  range,  their backs to me.

“Ano  ba kayo? Anong ginagawa  niyo  diyan?”[ What are you doing there?”] I said,  raising  my voice. They turned  to face me  and they looked stunned. They asked me  what  I was doing  behind  them when  they  were following me in the kitchen. They even became  angry  with me for scaring them.  I said that I had just come from the comfort room.

“Eh sino yung  sinusundan namin kanina  sa kusina, eh tatlo lang tayong  nandito  ( Then who were  we following  in the kitchen, when it’s only  the three of us here)?” one of  my friends said. After hearing her explanation, I freaked out and  we all ran out,  screaming. We even forgot the noddles we were  cooking.

Until now,  whenever there is  a visitor or someone new in our building, the  creepy stuff just keep on coming back….

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