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By: DeadCorpse

based on “The Grudge” sent by Blue Butter

“Mr Romualdez?”

Mr. Romualdez looked up, bleary  eyes  making out the image of the young  doctor in front  of him.  He realized he had fallen asleep and he  blinked to clear the  vestiges  of sleep that remained.

“Mr. Romualdez? Sir?”

“Yes, that’s me,” he replied, his hand extended. “You… what’s wrong with …” “Your wife’s  asleep now, sir,” The doctor pointed down a hallway and  began  to walk. “But there are some things we’d like to tell you first, before you meet her.” Mr. Romualdez walked with the  doctor. How, he  thought, had all  this happened?

He was young back then: carefree, well-off, and free to do what he  wanted.  He had dashing  looks that made girls sigh,  a shiny car that made men envious,  and an  attitude that made other people remember him,  for better or for  worse.  But nothing satisfied  him.  Whether it was a party, or a drink, or even a girl, life  had long ceased to have any charm for him. In short, he had suffered the sickness  of the rich and young. He was bored. “It was a good thing that your wife was rushed here as soon as possible,  sir,” the doctor said, his  words filling the void that seemed to comfort him. “If she hadn’t arrived  when she did, there would have been…”

He noticed that the doctor had walked past the rooms and into an elevator. Wordlessly, he followed, his mind on the past.

That summer night,  he was in yet another boring party with his boring  friends and the boring girls when he saw… her.  She was  perfect in every way- the dark  hair that cascaded down her head to  the brown, sultry eyes that held the breaths of every male in the room, the slender, sexy tanned legs that peeked from an indecently backless gown.

She  sauntered over to his  side, a  drink  in her hands. She gazed at him with her  smoky eyes. “Hi, I’m Katrina.”

He was  smitten beyond  words, hopelessly lost in  the passions of desire.  They left the party soon after. They would be seen in each other’s company for a long, long while.

But then something happened.  Even now, he couldn’t explain how or  why it  had happened. He just realized  one day,  when he woke up, that he was  wasting his life. And that if he didn’t stop, he  would eventually destroy himself with little sense at all.  Maybe it was the stale scent of alcohol on his lips, or the haze that invaded his thoughts when he  slumped over the  sink,  but he knew. And he  had to do something about it. “What  do you mean by this?” If the devil himself had appeared before him, it  couldn’t have been any  worse. “Ending our relationship  now?”

He had  to be strong, had  to break  his vices, had to end the self-destruction. Or  alse they would kill him.  And she  was a vice, perhaps the worst vice of all.  “you’ll regret this!”

He said  nothing to her as  she walked away,  the door slamming behind her, nothing to the brief pain in his heart.  He thought it was  finally over.

” You must understand, your wife’s case is … unique.”  The doctor took a left and put his hand on a  doorknob. He looked at Mr. Romualdez with a serious look  in his  eyes.  “Sir,  you must promise me one thing.”

Mr.  Romualdez looked at the doctor with puzzlement. “Whatever  you see in here,  you do not tell anyone else.  Not even your wife.  Are we clear, Sir?”

He  nodded, and the  two of them walked in.  It was  several years after the breakup and his  hard years of partying. He had  changed his ways, discovered the simple,  spiritual joys in life, both in his work and in church.It was then that meet Maria.  She is opposite of every girl that he gone out in his youth. She  worked hard, prayed sincerely to God, and led  a simple, unfettered life. Although he didn’t quite know what drew him to her, he knew that he had fallen for the shy, innocent pastor’s daughter, and that he wanted to spend the  rest of his life with her. And to his  joy, she shared the same  feelings for him.  They were married several months  soon after their first meeting.  He remembered that just yesterday, she wanted to take a walk. He  was worried,  for she was pregnant with their first child,  her belly warm and round ‘I’ll be okay,” she said, giggling, as she put her hand on his, her eyes  speaking the words that were unsaid “It’s  just around the house.” She looked  deeply into his eyes, her voice emphasizing  every word. I’ll be okay,”

If he hadn’t allowed her to take that walk,  would things have been different? “Your wife’s  womb suffered massive internal bleeding, largely  because of the  embedded  flesh and bone  splinters from what had happened.”

He looked  at the doctor, a question in his eyes. “It’s  wasn’t just a mere  stomachache, was it?”

The doctor sadly shook his head.  She was crying when he arrived home from work, saying something  about a woman that had come out of nowhere, laughing  like a hag, and she  had dead, brown eyes. A woman who looked  like  Katrina, but one that was twisted  with hate.  A woman who had touched  his wife’s belly and grinned evily at her before disappearing.  That night, the stomachaches  began. “We  managed to save your  wife,  and her  condition right now is stable.  But the mental and physical trauma of the situation may hinder your  attempts  to have  children  in the future.”

The doctor moved to a metal table, a blanket  covering something on it.  He swallowed hard before grasping  the sheet.

“This is the first time I’ve  seen anything like this, sir.  And I pray  to God  this would be the only time that I ever see a baby die  this way.”

With that , he removed the sheet, and Mr Romualdez was forced to  gaze at  the broken, crushed thing on the table. It was a  human baby boy, but the only recognizable parts were the tiny hands and feet that were  ripped from its body.  The rest of  what should  have been his son was a mass of bloodied, congealed  flesh that had been  mashed like a piece of dough,  liquid  still leaking out of the shattered  corpse as the bone  and cartilage gleamed wetly in the harsh light.  And somehow,  he could hear Katrina’s laugh in the back of his head.

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