Grandpa called

My father in-law William Rains had several light strokes.  The last, in the fall of 1942, left him bedridden for three months  before he died.

I had  to care for him as if he  were a child. He had to be  watched all the time so that he would  not harm himself or someone else.

Before I ever sat down to eat,  I fed him first and sat with him while he smoked his pipe  because otherwise he would hide it,  still lit,  under the covers.

Two weeks after he pass away, we were all seated at the   dining table for the evening mean  when suddenly I heard him, ” Girl, girl,” as he was in the habit of doing whenever we would sit down to eat. I was always having to jump up to see what he needed.

I started to get up to go  to him  when it dawned on me  that  he was no longer there. I went on eating.  My nine-year old son Glen glanced up at me and said,  ” Mom, Grandpa called you!” His eyes got big when he, too, remembered that Grandpa was no longer alive!

Both  of us heard  him plainly but we  said nothing more.  Several times after that my husband and I were  awakened during the night by the sound of Grandpa’s rocking  chair. But when we went to his room to check, there was no more rocking.

Leone L. Nash

Hughson, California

February 1987


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